In search of a missing wave in the heart of a wounded civilization

“Arre Naresh yaar ab tho bataa dey inko, ab tho main phas chuka hoon” (Naresh please tell them the truth at least now, now that I have been caught), a teary eyed Vijay Kumar is reported to have confronted Naresh Yadav in the Patiala police station on July the 5th. Vijay Kumar is the main accused here in the Quran sacrilege case of Malerkotla while Naresh Yadav is the Mehrauli...
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A Saffron country within a country Part 2: Lotus blooms after 14 years of vanvas

[This is a 2 part series on Uttar Pradesh elections 2017 based on Team 5Forty3 Survey conducted between June 28th and July 14th. You can read part 1 here] In late May, BSP supremo, Mayawati had neatly divided the responsibilities of different castes among her lieutenants. Swami Prasad Maurya and R.S. Kushwaha where given the responsibility of bringing in Kushwaha, Maurya, Sh...
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A saffron country within a country: Part 1 – The rise of a Yogi

[This is part 1 of the two part Uttar Pradesh election analysis based on Team 5Forty3's survey conducted between June 28th and July 14th] “Today I am an independent woman who can take care of her children” says Prema Devi, a young Dalit Jatav ‘social worker’ near Kanpur who then goes on to add, “Mayawati ji gave us self-respect no doubt, but that is not enough to sustain our...
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1967 to 2017: A brief electoral biography of Uttar Pradesh’s tryst with Hindu Nationalism

Cover image
“Upjati chodo, Patel jodo” (forget the sub-caste and use Patel as the surname) That was the biggest clarion call on that day in Lucknow when more than 2 lakh people had attended the Kurmi Rajnitik Chetna rally of Lucknow in December 1994, just 1 year after the SP-BSP government had come to power. It was a rally organized by Sone Lal Patel (the late father of Anupriya Pat...
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The last battle of Congress

On 24th December 1984, at the Lok Sabha polls, the ruling Janata Party of Karnataka had won merely 4 LS seats out of 28 in the state. 5 Days later, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Ramakrishna Hegde resigned from his post and recommended the dissolution of the assembly to governor A.N. Banerjee. Hegde had won the people’s mandate just 2 years earlier in January 1983 and ...
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Udta Kejriwal and a new opium for the Punjabis

Udta Kejriwal
As Tommy ‘Gabru’ Singh is thrown into a prison cell full of young Punjabi addicts who start singing a chartbuster from one of his first Punjabi rock albums as an ode to their idol, he is told by another inmate that two of the singing lads had killed their own mother as she refused to pay for their drug. Gabru, with his widely dilated pupils looks into nowhere, unable to compr...
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What 2016 could mean to 2019?

“Kanhaiya’s JNU movement becomes the harbinger of Communist revitalization in India” “The grand revival of the Left in Modi’s India” “Communist comeback is a direct response to the fringe Right becoming the new Centre of Indian Politics” These could be some of the potential headlines that the Lutyens editorial witchcraft practitioners could dream up this May, some 2 ye...
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United Spectrum of Hindu Assam!

Immediately after the 2009 general elections many of the Urdu newspapers of India carried out their routine post-election exercise of publishing the lists of Muslim MPs elected to the 15th Lok Sabha. Most of these lists varied between 28 to 30 names listing out luminaries like Assaduddin Owaisi and Badruddin Ajmal among others. Curiously every Urdu publication had missed one ...
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The Bengal Puzzle

Mamata Silencing
“BJP is like a bride who has been getting ready with her bridal make-up for the last 2 years and we are still waiting to catch a glimpse of the bride’s face… I guess we won’t see her in 2016” avers Sudipto a 35-year-old techie from Kolkata who has been a life-long communist but had voted for Modi’s party in 2014. His words sum up the situation of BJP in Bengal as aptly as one...
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The North-Eastern Sunrise of Hindu Polity

In March 1977 there were 560297 registered voters in Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency of Assam which was among the rare seats that the JP movement managed to wrest from Indira Gandhi’s Congress Party that had won 10 of the 14 LS seats in the state contrary to the JP wave breezing across India. Almost exactly a year later when Hari Lal Tiwary, the sitting Janata MP, passed awa...
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