Cloud Application for Data Intensive Population Studies (CADIPS) is a path-breaking technology platform developed by team 5Forty3 after intense research of over 4 years. CADIPS is that convergence between technology and demographics where few, if anybody, have ventured into. CADIPS is not only a tool to measure population behavior but also a platform that enables propagation of a product as an accurate counter to people's aspirations - in short, it is both an inbound as well as outbound tech platform that can be accurately deployed in a specific geography to disrupt socio-political trajectories.

Past Record: In October 2015, just days before 1st phase of Bihar elections, CADIPS actually measured a 1300% jump in people's conversations on "reservation" and "Forward versus Backward" debates. What is more, CADIPS also pointed out that most of this jump was limited to those geographies that went to polls in the first phase of Bihar elections. Eventually, Bihar's electoral trajectory was impacted due to the reservation issue in a big way.
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