Outbound Protocol

Over the years, analyzing various political campaigns in India, we had realized that some of the primary vulnerabilities during a campaign arose from either over stressing on particular aspects of campaign or from misdirected flow of intersegmental data. We have designed the world's first cellular campaign structure that treats each aspect of campaigning as an independent cell with centralized control of intercellular communication chain. By replicating this cellular structure of campaign design across the target geography scaled to the lowest possible denominator, we hope to maintain a symmetrical equilibrium on the flow-cycle of information and power duality to achieve the highest control over cause and effect throughout the campaign period.

Thus our outbound protocol engineers a cellular campaign model with 2+3 inner core cells and 2 addendum cells floating at the outer shell. The 2+3 inner cellular model is essentially the 2 platforms of brand and campaign designing on which the other 3 cells are mounted to capture the entire target geography. The outer cells of deficiency monitoring and QRP are cut off from the intercellular information flow cycle to maintain a thoroughly data driven exercise.

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