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The admin IP Address of is assigned as the default gateway by wifi routers. To access the admin panel modems used to configure various wireless routers and security settings. Type 192.168.I.I or in any browser’s address field to get access to the 192.168.I.I IP Admin page.


This 192.168.I.I is used by the modems as the default gateway. It’s also the login IP address to the admin panel. Using the router’s console one can do many configurations associated with the wireless connection, system, and security. Using our tutorial, you can easily log in to 192.168.I.I admin panel if this 192.168.I.I is used as its default IP Address in your Home router. There are some important requirements to log into the setup page of the Home or Industrial router. You can perform the login process and it configures settings after matching all the requirements.

Requirements for Home or Industrial Router Login

It’s quite simple to log into the Wi-fi router. But it can make confusion by some errors like incorrect IP Addresses, not loading, and credentials. By doing every step correctly you can easily log in to your wi-fi router.

Username and Password

You have to be familiar with the credentials of login for your wi-fi router or modem. You can also take the help of your modem’s manual or look into the default router password list. Perform a factory reset to recover the default password.

Correct IP Address

To access your router admin panel, you have to make sure to log into the correct gateway. If you are facing a problem logging in with this IP, you have to find the IP Address of the router. The most used gateways by wireless routers are and

The Internet Connection

You need to have a device on the wireless connection of the router or modem you are trying to log in. Mobile data will not support while accessing the login page of the wireless router or modem using a mobile device. Admin Login Address

If your IP Address is then you can be logged in to the router’s admin page. If you are not able to log in then you have to find the IP Address. So, you have to make sure about the wi-fi router IP Address. If any errors are shown during the login process like slow loading or not loading then you are not using the correct gateway to login.

The process of Login to

You can follow this step to login into!

  1. With the help of the link, you can directly visit the login page or you can type in your browser’s search bar to enter the login page manually.
  2. Then the login page asks you to enter the password and username. You have to enter your password and admin username and tap the login button.
  3. Now you are successfully logged into the admin page of the wireless router with the login information.
  4. You can manage all your wireless and wifi router network settings. With the help of the admin panel, you can change the default admin password, default gateway, SSID name, and wireless password. You can also see restricted users from using the internet and who’s on the Wi-Fi, and more.

Correct Login IP format

You can get confused with the login IP format which is correct or incorrect. You have to avoid errors.

The correct IP formats are and

incorrect IP formats

192.168.1. This is not a valid IP Address.

192.168.11. In this format, a dot is missing to separate the two 1.

192.168. I.1| 192.168.1.I

192.168.I.I | 192.168 II

http//192.168. I.1

You can also use the wireless router admin setup or Router Setup Login app for the configuration like login, password, security, and more.

Router Resetting

You can reset your router easily. You need a password and username to proceed. Most people are not familiar with the credentials at all. Usually, the internet service providers set the routers and configure passwords including all their data. If you lost your login information access then you can perform a factory reset.

To perform Factory Reset

  1. You will need a point object or a sim ejector pin for a factory reset. The router’s presence is also required.
  2. You have to press and hold the reset button for about 10-15 seconds until the lights start to present at the back of the router.
  3. The wireless router will automatically reboot and will go back to the default settings.

All the custom settings and changes will revert after the factory reset. The wireless connection and login information and password also changed. You can configure the settings and the default login credentials after login.

If the Page is not loading

In this problem, either your login or IP Address is not correct or the router’s network is not accessed to configure. This is a common problem.

To change WIFI Password

If you want to change your WIFI password then you have to go to the wireless section in the admin panel. Then you have to modify the SSID settings password. You can also change the WIFI guest name from there.

To change Wireless Router Password

Considering the admin password changing you can change your wi-fi modem password. From the administration settings, you can modify the credentials.

This is known as a private IP Address. Therefore, it’s only available to internal users and a physical address cannot be assigned to private access.

With the help of the NETGEAR router, D-Link router, and TP-Link router you can log in to

NETGEAR Router Login

  1. First, you have to login into the admin panel using IP address.
  2. Then you have to enter the password and username. Normally the default password is password and the username is admin.
  3. Then you have to navigate the advanced tab then set up and then LAN Setup from the router’s admin panel.

D-Link Wifi Routers

  1. First login to the admin panel using in the browser address bar.
  2. Then you have to navigate to set up the computer network settings and then to the IP Address.
  3. Then you can make changes to the IP Address and then save the changes. Your login panel is set for login.

TP-Link Wifi Routers

  1. First login to the login panel of the modem using in the address bar of the browser (Tip – Use Google Chrome for best results).
  2. Then navigate to advanced settings then to computer networking and then to LAN.
  3. Now you can set a new IP Address of the wi-fi modem under the IP Address field.

We have given all the information about the IP Address. In this way, you can log in to the router admin setup page and control the fullest wireless connection.

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