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To get access to the router IP address admin page, type on your web browser’s address field and proceed with the log in options given.

ABOUT is the private/gateway IP address related to your switch (router). This means you can only see this IP address if you’ve access to the network. becomes accustomed to both accessing your router’s point of interaction and permitting web-skilled gadgets to interface with the router.

As it’s a private IP address, Its use needn’t bother with being composed with an IP address library. Routers use the IP address to give a technique to users to get to and direct their features and settings.


It’s very easy to log into the router. However, it can cause disarray by certain blunders like mistaken IP Addresses, not stacking, and qualifications. By doing each step accurately you can undoubtedly log in to your router. 


An easy way to avoid errors in username and password combinations is to look for an information sticker at the bottom of your router, and there you will find the correct username and admin password printed somewhere.

This might not work sometimes, and if this is the case, refer to the manual that came with your router.


You must have a device connected to the router’s wireless network in order to log in. When utilizing a mobile device to visit the router’s login page, mobile data will not be supported. ADMIN LOGIN ADDRESS:

Enter into your web browser’s address bar or you can also click here to enter the admin panel.

This ought to be your router administrator’s IP address based on your local IP address. Only if you are connected to the same wifi network as your router in this case.


You can follow the following steps to log into :-

  1. First of all, you need to confirm that your router’s IP address is correct so that you don’t see a blank page or any other error.
  2. Any browser and any OS system linked to the router’s wireless connection can be used to log in. You’ve to type in the browser’s search bar.
  3. Now, you will get into the router login page where you have to fill in the login details of your router before making any changes or updates to it.

Note: If you are logging into your router for the first time, you can get the login details from your router manual. Another way is that the login details of the router are mentioned on its base. So, you can get assistance from there too. Though, if both methods fail, searching makes and model details can also help you in getting the details real quick. WIFI CONFIGURATION

As you wish to change the settings of your router and you are all set to do the same. However, you may need to start somewhere. You can first try changing the login details. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the general settings menu and go to the router password or similar option available.
  2. Next, set your desired password.
  3. Save the changes and get back to the menu section.

 You may change the username to your preferred name. You will find this option too in the main menu.


Logging into the router is an easy and simple process. Yet, using the misspelt versions of can cause errors and will increase the loading time on the homepage. However, to help you avoid making these slight yet time-consuming spelling errors, we have mentioned the incorrect and correct versions of below.


  • 192 168 10 1
  • 192.168 10.1
  • 192.168.l.10




There are mainly two reasons for facing problems while login into the router.

Wrong Connection

When you login into the router with your mobile phone, you may connect to the internet with your mobile data. This may cause a router login issue. Therefore, make sure to connect your device to the router’s wireless connection in order to prevent login issues.

Incorrect IP Address

If you mistakenly try to log in to the wrong IP address, then, your device’s screen will display a loading error or a blank page. Thus, always login into the correct IP address i.e.,

We have given all the information about the IP Address in this article. You only need to log in to the router admin setup page and control the fullest wireless connection.

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