Admin Login Guide is the popular private IP address for several popular brands such as Huawei, Amped & Amped Wireless, etc. This IP address is used as the default address that is specifically for wireless routers & modems.

As compared to Public IP addresses, is a private & free address that is commonly used in schools, homes & even corporate LANs. In addition to this, this address cannot be accessed directly by the internet, so it’s more secure than a public IP address.

When people need to configure the Wi-Fi settings for changing the SSID, parental controls, or changing the Wi-Fi password then they find the need to access the IP Address. However, the default IP address is different for different router brands. So, that’s the time, you need to access Now, this guide is designed for you to give a one-stop solution related to all the configuration settings to easily access this IP address.

Check out the table of contents including:

  • Why you should configure the router settings yourself?
  • Login steps for IP address
  • Default list for IP address
  • Troubleshooting issues & how to solve them.
  • More about

Why You Should Configure the Router Settings Yourself?

Configuring the Wi-Fi or router settings yourself is the pretty much easier thing that you can do yourself. For that, you do not need to contact a technician, & spend the money. But you can just follow this quick guide or steps to configure the Wi-Fi settings for & fix the issue at your pace.

Important Note: It is ideal to use any computer/laptop for configuring the router settings however, smartphones shall perform just as fine.

What are the Login Steps for IP Address

Following are the login steps:

  • Start with accessing the router admin page at
  • Whether you have a smartphone, PC, Windows, Android, macOS, or iOS, feel free to enter the default username & password.
  • Now, turn on the router, and connect the router & PC using a LAN wire or using a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open any browser, and type the default IP address ==

(Important Note: the default IP address varies for different Wi-Fi routers; don’t worry, check the below-given default IP address list)

  • It’s time to flip your router & find the sticker with the default username & password that is mentioned backside of your router. Now, enter the credentials & click login. However, if you are unable to find then the default list is also given in our guide.
  • Once you successfully perform admin login page validation, you can easily set up, modify or configure the router settings.
  • It is recommended you leave the network settings on default, you can only change the username & password for security reasons or prohibit anyone from logging into the network.

Default List of Username & Password for

Following is the default list of IP addresses

IP Address ==

Username == admin

Password == password

IP Address ==

Usernaame == admin

Password == –

IP Address ==

Usernaame == admin

Password == admin

IP Address ==

Usernaame == admin

Password == 1234

IP Address ==

Usernaame == 1234

Password == admin

IP Address ==

Usernaame == admin

Password == small

IP Address ==

Usernaame == n/a

Password == n/a

IP Address ==

Usernaame == user

Password == user

What Issues Can Arise to this IP Address?

You may suffer the following troubleshooting issues while accessing the router admin pages.

  • Your router is not working properly.
  • refused to connect.
  • Taking too much time to respond.
  • Default router.

How to Fix Troubleshooting Issues?

Here are the ways to solve the troubleshooting issues:

  • Make sure there is a connection between the router & computer that is connected via LAN or Wi-Fi. For this, you can verify or check whether the light indicators of your router are properly on or not.
  • There is a possibility that you may have wrongly typed or misspelled the IP address so, you can copy & paste the address or type the IP address on the browser’s address bar carefully.
  • If the router is taking too much time to respond or refused to connect then you can also reboot the router as sometimes it is helpful to fix the connection. To do this, unplug the router, disconnect the LAN cable, wait for a few minutes then replug & reconnect to the computer.
  • The firewall settings also prevent access to the internet connection. To fix this, you can disable the firewall settings & check again.

Know More About IP Address? address has an address range that is specifically reserved for private networks only. Undoubtedly, every device that is connected to your home or office has a similar address but the last digits make them different from each other.

So, the IP address ranges for the private networks are the following:

  • – – –

Where the most commonly used range is the 192.* -range, sometimes the 10.* -range.

  • However, 172.* is not the most often range.

I hope you find this information & with this, you can easily configure Wi-Fi settings.

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