A.C.E Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of A.C.E Kpop Band?

A.C.E K-pop debuted in 2017. It is a South Korean boy band under Beat Interactive. However, Swing Entertainment has also co-managed the group since 2021. The group’s name, A.C.E, is the acronym for Adventure Calling Emotions. It means the band hopes to evoke feelings that inspire others to embark on journeys and realise their aspirations.

With such a strong objective, the ACE members strive to give their best on and off stage. If you too, are an ACE Kpop fan or stan any Ace member. Then this article is all that you need! 

In this blog, we will tell you about the ACE Member’s profile with the A-C-E Member’s age, birthday, height, weight and zodiac sign. So, please read ahead.

A.C.E Kpop Members

A.C.E Members

Park Junhee

Park Junhee, or Jun, is the group’s leader. He is also the lead vocalist and lead dancer of A.C.E. His birthdate is 2 June 1994. Currently, Jun is 29 years old, and he is a Gemini.

Jun stands 5’9” (175 cm) tall, and he weighs over 58 kg (127 lbs). He is a native of Suncheon, South Korea. However, he moved out of his town when he was just 19. He came to Seoul to pursue his singing career. 

When Jun was a kid, he used to watch Rain’s Rainism. The show inspired him to follow his passion for music. He later joined a music academy in his hometown to learn the basics. Gradually, he not only learned about singing but also playing instruments. He knows how to play the guitar and the piano.

Speaking of the current activity of the A.C.E’s Leader, he has been discharged from the mandatory military service this year, which started in 2022.  

Lee Donghun

Lee Donghun, formerly known by the stage name Donghun, is the main vocalist of the band. He is almost the same age as Jun, as he too was born in 1993, but in February. Thus, at present, his age is 29, and for his zodiac sign, it is Pisces. 

For the fans who want to know Donghun’s height and weight, he stands 5’9” (176 cm) tall, and he weighs about 58 kg (127 lbs). 

Donghun belongs to Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, where he supposedly developed an interest in music. His mom, who was also a grand prize winner on a music show, sowed the seeds of music in Donghun’s heart that inspired him to pursue his career in singing. 

If we talk about what he is doing these days, he recently completed his service tenure in the military, which he joined in 2022 along with Jun. 


Wow is the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper of the band. His real name is Kim Seh Yoon, and he belongs to the Jeolla-do district of South Korea. His date of birth is 15 May 1993, and his zodiac sign is Taurus. At present, he is 29 years old.

Speaking of the physical attributes of Wow, he is 5’9” (176 cm) tall, and he weighs over 60 kg (132 lbs). Members call him the girl group dancer of A.C.E as he has a strong and muscular lower body. 

When he was just 19 years old, he auditioned in front of YG’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, and even got selected as a trainee. However, he soon left the label after spending one year. Prior to YG, he also trained at Plug In Music Academy. 

This year only, he too got free from serving in the military as a public service worker, which he joined in September 2021. 

Kim Byeongkwan

Kim Byeongkwan, formerly known by the stage name Jason, is the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper of the group. He was born on 13 August 1996. Thus, he recently turned 27. Also, with respect to his birthday, his zodiac sign is Leo. 

He is a 5’8.5” (174 cm) tall guy, and his weight is around 57 kg (125 lbs). He is a native of Seoul, South Korea, where he graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School. After he got his degree, he started looking for multiple auditions. However, he mostly got rejected after reaching the third round. 

Finally, in 2014, he was selected as a trainee under JYP, where he trained for about a year. 

As of now, he is serving in the military for a special “section” named KATUSA. It is very tough to get enlisted in KATUSA, as it requires high-level English language proficiency. It’s admirable that he is about to complete his service tenure and will get discharged this year in the coming months. 

Kang Yuchan

Kang Yuchan, popularly known by his former stage name Chan, is the youngest member, and thus, the maknae of the group. He was born on 31 December 1997. Therefore, he is a Capricorn male of age 26 years. 

As far as his physique details are concerned, he is the tallest member with a height of 5’10” (177 cm) and a weight of 59 kg (130 lbs). He is from Jeju, South Korea, and he received his degree from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. 

Unlike other members, Chan didn’t have an ambition to become a singer, even when his parents owned a record store. During his early years, he used to play Soccer. However, he chose to switch to music when he got into high school.

Currently, he is serving in the military, and he will continue to be in the service till February 2024.  


ACE’s last hit track, “Buzzer Beater”, was released in 2022, and it has been a long time since the group members have performed together as a band.

As of now, all the members have enlisted in the military, and most of them have also been discharged. The remaining ones will complete their service tenure by this year or by next year for sure, suggesting a comeback with all the five members of A.C.E Kpop to happen soon. For more updates on ACE Kpop, keep following our page!

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