How to Become a Kpop Idol as an Indian?

The Kpop industry is basically a Korean-pop industry. But how did Indian kpop idol Priyanka become a part of the Kpop industry? Are you also interested in becoming a member of the Kpop music world? Keep scrolling.

How can an Indian join the Korean pop industry?

Korean Pop music prefixed as the Kpop industry is a music genre that was instigated in South Korea representing South Korean culture. No doubt, the music is traditionally rooted, but it is still influenced by the genres and styles globally including jazz, rock, experimental, R&B, folk, classical, country, electronic dance, hip hop, and gospel. Hence, similar to various other countries, Indian boys and girls are also eager to join the Kpop industry and grab the opportunity to show their talent globally. Here is how boys and girls join the Kpop industry.

Sadly, the Korean Pop Music industry doesn’t conduct auditions in India. But the good news is that various entertainment agencies like JYP Entertainment are hiring foreigners. Yes, according to Priyanka, the first Indian kpop idol, they hire trainees. The auditions are conducted online and hence, the participants from India don’t need to travel to Korea for auditions and can easily participate in the auditions in their comfort zones, their homes. The producers of the show check out the online audition process. All the information regarding the auditions is available on the official website.

Become a Kpop Idol as an Indian

KPop India Contest Registration:

Kpop music is a combination of Asian and Western music. It is a clear mash-up of rap and hip-hop music. And hence, such music is getting viral or trendy on the internet. For becoming a part of the Kpop world, Indian kpop idols need to begin their journey towards this industry at an early age. They need to start with the dance and singing lessons before enrolling for registration on large scale.

Here are some important rules the participants need to know before participating in the Kpop Indian contest.

  • The contestant needs to properly fill out the enrollment form on the official website of Kpop without making any errors if any error is found, the form directly gets rejected.
  • The official website gives all the details regarding the musical institutions and other criteria for the participants.
  • The participant needs to create a video revealing their talent and post it on YouTube. They also need to share the link to that video along with the application form.
  • The video created needs to be clear and the faces should be very well visible.
  • Only the Indian competitors, even if they are residing outside India, are allowed to compete in the auditions.
  • The minimum age of the candidate needs to be 14 years or older.
  • The vocal ability required is 60%, pronunciation and emotion ability required is 20%, and the stage charm required is 20%.
  • The technique accounting required is 30%, stage charm accounting required is 30%, while the dance choreography needs to be 40%.

To register for the audition, the candidates need to visit the official website and select the application form available on the home page. Fill the entire form with the necessary details correctly. Enter your valid email address and password. Select the region you are willing to apply. Select from the options dance or vocal. Enter your name or the organization’s name. For the people participating in groups, mention all the names and numbers of the group members. Enter your city, state, district, and phone numbers. Then enter the link to your video on YouTube and check the declaration box. Once the entire form is filled, check the entire form and submit it. Hence, this is how you can enroll yourself for the audition process for Kpop music.

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