Top 10 Best Dancer in Kpop Female

Every K-pop performance has two key components that are vocals and visuals. Idols have to train hard to achieve excellence in each choreography. Then only we, as viewers, get to see the startling stage presence of our favourite K-pop stars. 

As we are talking of the hard work that goes into practising dance moves and visually appealing to the audiences, let’s see which female idol does it the best. In this list, we have tried to put all those female idols that are known for doing the best dance in K-pop world!  

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop (Female)?

Check out the list of the best dancers in kpop currently in the female category;

best dancer kpop female

10. Boa (Soloist)

Boa is regarded as the “Queen of K-popping.” Kwon Bo-ah, or BoA was introduced to SM Entertainment when she accompanied her elder brother, who is a music director, to a talent hunt in 1998. She had two years of training before making her stage debut in August 2000. BoA is renowned for having both a powerful voice and incredible dancing abilities. Her dance has evolved into the benchmark for later idol generations.

9. Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji is a 4th generation K-pop star with excellent stage presence and eye-catchy dance skills. She debuted under the label JYP Entertainment on 12th February 2019 as a member of the girl group ITZY. Her first performance was noticed in the group’s first single, “IT’z Different.” She is a top performer on stage and is known to present truly fine dance techniques. Critiques appreciate her for the energy that she spreads with her dance moves. 

8. Hyuna (Soloist)*

Hyuna puts fire on stage. She made her debut with the female group “Wonder Girls” in February 2007. In 2009, Hyuna joined the girl group 4Minute under the management of Cube Entertainment after leaving JYP Entertainment and the Wonder Girls. The group became one of the most well-known bands in the nation pretty soon. She controls the stage and owns it. Despite having basic choreography, she nonetheless exudes a lot of swag and energy.

7. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Hyoyeon is one of the most famous female dancers in K-pop. She made her K-pop debut in August 2007 as a member of Girls’ Generation, who went on to become one of South Korea’s best-selling and one of the most well-known K-pop groups globally. Since then, she has taken part in other SM Entertainment productions, including “Got the Beat” and Girls’ Generation, “Oh! GG.” She has also put out songs on her own since 2016. Hyoyeon’s dance performances never disappoint, thanks to her natural skill and intensive training at SM.

6. Momo (Twice)

Momo Hirai or Momo is a member of the girl group Twice. When she was three years old, she and her older sister Hana started dancing. They both auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but only Momo got through. In 2015, she took part in the JYP Entertainment and Mnet-coproduced reality television programme Sixteen. Due to audience feedback for her performance and dancing skills, she later returned to the show’s final lineup female group “Twice,” even after being first rejected. Also called Twice’s “Dancing Machine,” Momo is known for working on her dancing skills for hours on end. 

5. Seungyeon (CLC)

Seungyeon was once a lead dancer for the girl group CLC. On 19th March 2015, she made her CLC debut with the release of the group’s first mini album, “First Love.” Her contract with Cube Entertainment ended on 18th March 2022, and she further joined Wild Entertainment Group on 8th February 2023 as a dancer and solo artist. She is regarded by many as one of the top dancers of the third generation, but she also deserves a spot on the all-time top 10. She is a gifted dancer who can mesh with practically any idea. She also effortlessly carries cute and sensual looks with her sassy dance moves, which many find difficult to execute. 

4. Chungha (Soloist) 

In 2017, Chungha made her solo debut following the split of her band, I.O.I. In the eighth grade, she started dancing, and by the time she was in high school, she was a JYP Entertainment trainee. She originally became well-known due to her skill as a dancer on the Korean reality series Produce 101. Chungha is excellent at transitioning between movements with ease. It’s one thing to have tremendous flare, but it might be difficult to blend that style into a flowing dance performance. Chungha makes it seem easy. Her outstanding freestyle abilities have made her one of the best live performers in the K-pop industry.   

3. Chaeyeon (IZ*One)

Chaeyeon works as a solo artist under the label WM Entertainment. This happened when she left IZ*One after the group’s disbandment on 29th April 2021. When she appeared on K-pop Star Season 3, Chaeyeon first gained widespread recognition for her dancing. Chaeyeon has succeeded in integrating her Hip Hop dance with K-pop. She is among the top energetic performers on stage. She stands out from her competitors because of her popping skill. Her performances, therefore, feature some of the most innovative and captivating choreography in K-pop.

2. Hyolyn (Soloist)

It will not be unfair to say that Hyolyn is one of the most attractive dancers in K-pop. She can rock dancing moves in any dress and has a hot sense of style. Her dancing skills are unmatched. Even as a child, she has always liked singing and dancing and because no one was available to assist her, she started applying for auditions on her own. Before getting accepted, she had to go through two rounds of JYP Entertainment auditions. With Sistar’s first song, “Push Push,” Hyolyn made her KBS Music Bank debut on 3rd June 2010.

1. Lisa (Blackpink)

Lisa is a member of the globally famous girl K-pop group Blackpink under the production YG Entertainment. She made her debut with the Blackpink song “Whistle” on 8th August 2016.  From hip-hop to seductive and feminine dancing styles, she is the ideal choice. Lisa in particular can transform challenging dance techniques into ones that are delicate and attractive. Additionally, Lisa’s advantage of having long arms and legs is a crucial factor in improving the flexibility and appeal of her performance.

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