BTS Member died? – Name of BTS Member Died Recently!

If you are fond of bands, you must be well aware of the Bangtan Boys or BTS. It is a South Korean brand that has gained wide popularity among people. The band commenced its journey in 2010 with some musicians and performers. The band gained good notoriety among the masses with its performance in 2013. The first debut of this band was under the label of Big Hit International. With the overnight release of the debut, people became huge fans of the band. There were some people who started following the performers and became their great admirers.

What happened to the BTS band?

Did you know which BTS member died? It is very essential to know which member of this reputed band lost his life at a tender age. A young and dynamic singer in this band lost his life. However, the singer’s death became widely publicized. People are rigorously searching for the video to get the exact clippings and view of the death scene. It is a great shock for music lovers and for those who really loved the band. It was a great setback for the team. The loss will take a lot of time to get out of this situation.

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The circumstances surrounding the death of a BTS member

You must know now which member of the BTS died. Yes, it was Jin who died in a car accident on February 10, 2202. He died on the spot. The accident took place at 2.46 EST. It was an unexpected shock for the other team members. Jin was just 23 years of age when he had to lose his life. This heartbreaking news just thrilled the whole nation. The other team players are just feeling helpless and depressed with the unexpected departure of their partner and friend.

However, on the question of which BTS member died recently, it was Jin who had lost his precious life. Just before his loss, there was another loss for the team. It was in 2017 when the BTS team had to depart and say goodbye to another team member. Kim Jonghyun ended life (they claimed to be part of the BTS Band but was never part of it). It was another sudden shock for the team. However, his death is still a mystery to the team members. It is expected to be a suicidal death. It was on December 18th, 2017 when he committed suicide in his house. He was found dead in his apartment on December 18th in Seoul. His sister recognized him at 4.42 pm. He wrote a small letter just before his death. He was expressing various frustrations and depression that he was experiencing.

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It was then the cops were called, and they rescued him from the apartment. He was also admitted to the hospital for treatment, but it was impossible for the physicians to save his life. As per the reports and postmortem investigation, it was found that he consumed carbon monoxide, which was the primary cause of his death. The investigators have also revealed parts of burnt coal briquettes on the frying pan. But the family members of Jonghyun have denied his suicidal death. They were under trauma and could not believe that their son had left the world. It was an unnatural death, and the police investigation is still in progress.

What was the contribution of Jonghyun to the team?

He did a lot for the team and the band. He was a dedicated team member of the band. His mesmerizing voice has made people mad all over the country. People were really mad about his performance and song. They used to eagerly wait to view his performance. To say goodbye to their team members, some of the musicians and performers tied a black ribbon around their arms with the words R.I.P. JH embroidered on it. Perhaps most of them followed this technique.

Final words

Death is always a great loss for an individual and their community. If anyone loses their life at a tender age, it is beyond expectation. The death of these two team members of BTS is still a shocking one. It is clear that this loss cannot be compensated in any way. It is always advised to resolve any issues rather than end one’s life. Life is always precious to everyone.

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