Who is The Richest? – BTS Members Net worth 2023

BTS is the most popular band on the planet, check BTS Net worth here. All of their recent albums, including Butter, released in July 2021, have topped the Billboard 200 list. The band commemorated Butter with a limited-edition collaboration with CASETiFY, presently sold out. The BTS Butter x CASETiFY line contains phone and AirPod cases, wristwatch bands, and many other tech accessories, all inspired by their title single.

Bts net worth in 2023 is $120-150 Million Only!

Bts net worth 2023, according to Forbes is $120-150 million. This was before HYBE Entertainment went with its own IPO. The members of the mega-popular K-pop group have made a lot of money because of their dancing, singing, and rapping skills. So, what is the net worth of bts? Here’s all you need to know about bts net worth.

Bts Members Individual Net worth – Richest BTS Member 2023

bts net worth


According to claims from media sites such as Seoul Space and KpopStarz, J-Hope is the highest-paid member. J-hope net worth is around $24-26 million dollars. He Ownes it to the popularity of his solo mixtape “Hope World,” released in March 2018. With the song Chicken Noodle Soup, he became the first member of the band to score a solo Hot 100 success.


Suga’s solo side project, Agust D, is recognized for generating blockbuster raps and songs. Suga’s net worth is around $23-25 million dollars. He began composing songs and producing music at thirteen, much before his debut. He began working in a music studio when he was 17 years old, creating and appearing in mega-hit songs with famous singers, including IU’s Eight and Lee So-Song RA’s Request.

With the song Life Goes On, BTS’ rap trio of Suga, J-Hope, and RM became the first lyricists and composers to have a Korean song hit the Billboard Hot 100, and the trio became the first lyricists and composers to have a Korean song top the Billboard Hot 100.


When performing worldwide interviews in English, RM (Real Me/Rap Monster) is the group’s leader and conducts most talking. RM net worth is around $20-22 million dollars. Additionally, he has written more than 130 songs. He’s put out two mixtapes all by himself (RM and Mono). Also, he worked with American rapper Warren G on a solo mixtape.

It won’t come as a surprise if RM becomes an influential producer in the Korean music business, whether for Kpop or Korean Hip Hop. We don’t know if he’ll be successful in the Kpop business sector, but we do know that he’s a book-smart guy.

Jimin Net Worth 2023

Celebrity Jimin’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $20 million. Aside from his work as a vocalist and dancer, Jimin made news with RM for paying cash for a flat in Nine One Hannam, Korea’s “Beverly Hills.” Aside from the US$5.3 million property, Jimin also made a wise financial decision by purchasing an old flat in Banpo Jugong for US$3.9 million. It is receiving a billion won (about US$881,000) renovation, and its worth is likely to rise as a result of its key Han River position.


Jungkook’s net worth is around $20-22 million dollars. As a result, one may argue that Jungkook is the most popular BTS member among worldwide fans. While he is the newest member of BTS, he has already accomplished a lot. According to reports, Jungkook paid $1.7 million in cash for his condo in Seoul.


V is BTS’s second-youngest member. His net worth is around $20-22 million dollars. V has a lot of promise because he’s the one who’s most likely to get into acting. He has already performed in a few parts, including a supporting role in a historical Korean drama. This means you should not be shocked if the Korean drama industry becomes a new home for V. He’s also published his music, such as Scenery and Winter Bear. He released Sweet Night, an OST for the hit Korean drama Itaewon Class.


Jin may be the group’s most exemplary overall businessman, which makes sense given that he is the group’s oldest member. Jin’s net worth is around $20 million. Jin has just released two solo tracks (Tonight and Abyss). He and his brother have previously built a Japanese restaurant in Korea.

According to Seoul Space, the group’s oldest member, Jin, has demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess by opening a Japanese restaurant with his brother in 2018. Furthermore, he stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in 2020 that his “family is all in business” and that he was “quite fortunate.”

Who is the richest Among BTS Members?

No one actually. All the BTS Members earn equally and have an equal net worth of $20 million.


Thus, we hope you would have acknowledged the net worth of bts. The salary for BTS members is $8 million. It’s worth an additional $8 million for each member to possess 68,000 shares of HYBE stock. Thus, each member’s base net worth is projected to be around $16 million. The seven members of BTS are frequently seen participating in group activities, but they also have their own means of generating revenue.

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