CIX Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of CIX Kpop Band?

Complete in X. Does this sound a little exciting to you? If yes, you are surely a huge fan of CIX kpop music band. Yes. CIX is a South Korean band of 5 boys performing under the C9 Entertainment company. The group made its debut on 23rd July 2019 through its song ‘Hello’ from Hello, Stranger, Chapter 1. The current rank of this Kpop group is 80th and the group consists of 5 members in total.

Since their debut, the group has been quite popular not only in Korea but also in other countries globally. Are you also looking on the Internet for certain details about the group members? Your search ends here. Simply scroll down and learn about the group members in detail.

CIX group members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Signs

This Kpop group consists of popular members namely Hyunsuk, Bae Jinyoung, Yonghee, Seunghun, and BX. Here are the basic details of the group members you might be looking for.

CIX Members


BX whose full name is Byounggon and birth name is Lee Byoung Gon is the leader of the group. Born in Namdong-gu, Incheon City, South Korea, the birthdate of BX falls on 5th March 1998. The current age of BX is 25 years and his zodiac sign is Pisces. His height is 180cm while his weight is 61 kg. BX is the main rapper and the vocalist of the group. As per the CIX kpop profile, the fandom name of BX is Gonisaurs. He is allergic to flowers and his favorite color is Blue. He follows role models like Mino and G-Dragon.


Seunghun, whose actual name is Kim Seung Hun, and whose Chinese name is Jin Shengxun, was born on 26th February 1999. The current age of Seunghun is 24 years while his zodiac sign is Pisces. According to the CIX profile of this member, his height is 181cm while his weight is 65kg. The position of Seunghun in the group is of a dancer and main vocalist. Seunghun was a former performer with YG Entertainment and had also appeared on survival show, Stray Kids and YG Treasure Box. He was also a trainee with Cube for around 9 years.


Kim Yong Hee, or say Jin Longxi, or say Yonghee was born on 17th February 2000. Their current age of Yonghee is 23 years while his zodiac sign is Aquarius. The native place of Yonghee in Jung-gu, Seoul. The height of Yonghee is 177cm while his weight is 59kg. Yonghee is the visual and vocalist of the group. Yonghee was the 4th revealed member of the group. His favorite part-time passion is solving the problems of maths, staying alert, and having cereals. According to BX, Yonghee is similar to a lemon as he is always very refreshing.


Jinyoung whose birth name is Bae Jin Young, and whose Chinese name is Pei Zhenying, was born on 10th May 2000. The birthplace of Bae Jinyoung is Seoul. The current age of Jinyoung is 23 years while his zodiac sign is Taurus. The height and weight of this Kpop star are 178cm and 60kg respectively. The position of Jinyoung in the group is of a lead vocalist and dancer. He is also the center of the group as well as the Face of the Group. Apart from performing with CIX, he had also participated in Produce 101, Season 2, a survival show in which he ranked in the 10th position and made his way to the finale with WANNA One.


CIX Hyunsuk was born on 8th September 2001 in Geumchon-dong, South Korea. His birth name is Yoon Hyun Suk, while his Chinese name is Xuanxi. The zodiac sign of this Kpop singer is Virgo while his actual age is 21 years currently. The height of Hyunsuk is 188cm while his weight is 64kg. The position of Hyunsuk in the group is a dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist. Hyunsuk was the 3rd member of the group revealed. Many fans of Hyunsuk say that he looks similar to Seo Kang-Joon. His nickname in the group is Hyunsik and his favorite time-pass is having lots of food, especially, Kimchi.

Hence, considering the CIX members, the leader of the group is BX, while the Maknae of the group is Hyunsuk. The fandom name of the group is FIX which means Faith in X while the group name actually stands for Complete in X. The nationality of all the members in the group is Korean. The group has a social media presence on nearly every social media platform including Weibo, Fan Café, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Again, the Kpop group also has its own website through which the fans can get information about the latest shows and events of the group easily.

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