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You must have heard about EXO band. It is a South Korean-based band that has become the heart throb of many people. This band is a mixture of Korean and Chinese boys. At present, there are nine members of this band. Before that, there were twelve members in the band. They are either from China or Korea. These nine boys are perfect in their respective fields. It is a Korean company that created the EXO group in 2012. However, they came with the best debut in 2013. They make music mostly in Korean and Mandarin languages. The first album of the band was XOXO which came before the people in June 2013.

Detailed information about the EXO band members:

It is vital and interesting to learn about the EXO band members. If you want to listen to them, you must have a proper idea about the origin of these band members. Let us try to explore the birthday, heights, and weights of the EXO band members.

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The real name of Kai is Kim Jongin. He was born in January 1994. There are many things special about Kai. Kai was the second member who signed with SM Entertainment for the band. Kai Exo started his career at the age of eight years. He had a knack for dancing right from the beginning. He is known as the lead dancer in the band. Kai is a handsome boy on the team. Exo kai age is estimated to be about 32 years.


The real name of SUHO is Kim Jun-myeon. SUHO was born in May 1991. He is also the leader of the EXO team. He is rather said to be the tenth member of the team. When he was 16 years old, he became a trainee at SM Entertainment. He started his career as an extra career.

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His real name is Don Kyungso. His date of birth is May. 1991. He made his first debut as a supporting actor. It was in 2016 when he made worldwide popularity by acting in films like Pure Love and similar other ones.


He is a professional singer and actor at the same time. his actual name is Kim Min-Seok. He has various nicknames. Some of his nicknames are Mini and Mandoo. He has a passion for playing soccer. It is found that he is the only member in the EXO family who has a small height. He has a height of 170 cm.


Chanyeol Exo is another member of this group who plays the role of a rapper. He was born in November 1992. In his childhood days, he used to study at Hyundai High School. He is one of the primary members of the group. He has also performed and played numerous roles on television. Thus he is a known face. As per the report he gets easily emotional.

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Chen is a professional singer and rapper of the EXO group. He was born in September 1992. He started his career in 2011. Chen exo age is estimated to be about 30 years. Chen comes with a kind and soft personality. He is said to be a kind-hearted person. He comes from a musician family. Chen’s father was a vocalist. This helped him to develop a love for music. The specialty of Chen is that he laughs by sticking his tongue.


Sehun is a dancer and a singer of the EXO group. He was born in April 1994. Sehun Exo is aged about 28 years. His birthplace is Seoul, South Korea. You must have seen Sehun playing the lead role in Netflix’s “Busted”. One of the SM Entertainment agents selected him while he was out in someplace for lunch. This changed his life and he became a star. Sehun and Suho know each other since 2008.

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Kris Wu Exo was formerly one of the members of the group. But an incident changed his life and he was detained from the group. He was framed with charges of rape. But he had to pay a lot for this act.


LAY plays the role of a singer, actor, and dancer in the group. He was born in October 1991. Presently he is recognized as one of the leading Chinese singers in the EXO group. He auditioned for the group when he was just 16 years old. However, he joined the group just four years back. He has a strong love for junk foods.

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Bottom Lines:

The members of the EXO group are superior in their fields. If you once have a look at their performance you would always love to watch it several times. Exo group is performing great and they have received a good number of admirers.

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