Forestella Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of Forestella Kpop Band?

Forestella is one of the many South Korean bands that consist of four members. The band was formed in the reality show named as Phantom Singer 2 where they bagged first place. Their official debut was 14th March 2018 and their debut album was Evolution. Ever since forestella made its official debut, it managed to launch two of its other studio albums and has managed to gain global recognition for the respective songs.

Thus, the official debut date of Forestella was 14th March 2018 when their debut album ‘Evolution; was praised by many people. After their debut, the band hosted concerts in Seoul after which they headed off for their first nationwide tour by doing concerts in nine of the cities. As soon as their tour came to an end, they started doing concerts with the winner of the first season of Phantom Singer, Forte di Quattro and it was in this chain of concerts where they managed to get recognition from a wider audition.

Forestella Members Age, Birthdate, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

It was Jo Mingyu who selected Ko Woo’s rim in the second round of the competition and then he proceeded further to select Bae Doo-hon and train him. Lastly, he selected Kang Hyung-ho for the team and trained him. Everything that is needed to know about the band Forestella members’ are mentioned below:-

forestella members

Kang Hyung ho

The birth name of this band member is kang hyung ho whereas his stage name is Hyungho and he is the proud vocalist of the group. Hyungho is 36 years old currently. The voice types of this member of the band are namely Tenor, Rock as well as Falsetto Sopranist. Furthermore, Kang hyung ho is an expert in playing guitar as well. Hyunghjo was born on the 8th of March in 1988 and his zodiac sign is Pisces. However, the weight and height of this band member is still not known. Before joining the band, he was a chemist and had studied Chemical Engineering at Busan University. There, in the university he used to also perform as a vocalist in a band.

Doo hoon

The real birth name of Doo Hoon is Bae Doo Hoon. He is the vocalist of the group and his voice type is said to be rock, R&B, and pop. Doo Hoon was born in 19856 on 15th July. Furthermore, his height and weight are around 176 cm as well as 64 kg respectively. Doo hoon’s nationality is Korean and when it comes to his blood type, it is AB. As of now, he is 36 years old. Apart from this, in his professional aspect, he is a musical actor, at the past, he studied acting at the National University of Arts in Korea. His achievements include him winning the Asian Beat Korea final with Aux in the year 2011.


Although his stage name is Mingyu, his birth name is Cho Mingyu and in the band, his role is that of a Vocalist. Currently, Mingyu is 36 years old. Not just this, he is also the leader of the group. When it comes to his personal information, he was born in 1990 on the 19th of November. Apart from this, his zodiac sign is Scorpio and his weight and height are 70 kg as well as 177 cm respectively. In terms of his nationality, Mingyu is Korean and his blood type is A. Mingyu has several other nicknames such as Joseon Moon, Ming, and Light Wind Tenor.

Ko Woo-rim

Although his birth name is Ko Woo Rim, his stage name is Woorim. In the band, he is the maknae as well as the vocalist of the group. His voice type is said to be Classical bass. Woorim is 27 years old now. Apart from this, he was born on 10th July 1995. His zodiac sign is Cancer. When it comes to Ko Woo Rim’s height, he stands 182 cm tall however there is no information on his weight. Apart from this, AB is his blood type and Korean is his nationality. Both this member and Mingyu are proud opera singers. When it comes to his education, he was in Gyeongbuk Arts High School that is in Seoul National University.


As per the statistics suggested by Korea Performing Art Box Office Information System or KOPIS in the first half of 2021, this band was ranked in the first position in ticket sales under the category of ‘classical and opera’ category. Currently, the band is headed off for the first-ever tour that they will be doing overseas where they will be conducting concerts in Los Angeles, Vancouver as well as New York in April. These are all the information that was there to know about the Forestella kpop band. Now that you have all the information about the band, you are all set to vibe to their songs.

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