Girls Day Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of Girls Day Kpop Band?

Girls Day K-pop group has some of the sensational idols of its time. The group of five members, Sojin, Minah, Jisun, Jiin, and Jihae, made their debut in 2010 under Dream Tea Entertainment with their first single, “Tilt My Head”.

Soon after the group’s debut, Jisun and Jiin left the band. The agency hired Hyeri and Yura as replacements, which led to the reorganization of Girl’s Day. Girls Day Members

In 2012, Jihae also left Girl’s Day. From then onwards, Girl’s Day has been a four-membered South Korean girl group. However, as the contract of the remaining Girl’s Day idols expired, the group is on hiatus. 

For the K-pop Girl’s Day fans, we have covered all the current and former member’s profiles in this article. Read ahead to know the Girl’s Day member’s age, birthday, height, weight, and zodiac sign.

Girls Day Current Members


Sojin is the leader of Girl’s Day. She is also the lead vocalist of the group. Her full name is Park So Jin. She was born on 21 May 1986 in Daegu, South Korea. 

She is a 166 cm (5’ 5”) tall female, and her weight is about 49.5 kg (109 lbs). At present, she is 37 years old, and her zodiac sign is Gemini. 

Sojin graduated from Yeungnam University, where she had Mechanical Engineering as a major. 

She was a vocal trainer for the Ulala Session, a K-pop boy band, prior to her debut. Her first solo came in January 2011, “Our Love Like This”.

You may have seen her in several dramas as she pursued acting after taking a break from Girl’s Day. 


Yura is the lead dancer, main rapper, and vocalist. She also serves as the visual of the group. Her real name is Kim Ah Young, and her birthdate is 6 November 1992. 

As per her date of birth, she is now 31 years old. Also, she is a Scorpio. If we speak of her physical attributes, her height is 170 cm (5’7”) and she weighs over 52 kg (114 lbs). She is also the tallest among all Girls’ Day members

Yura’s birthplace is Ulsan, South Korea, and she completed her studies at Dongduk Women’s University. She majored in Dance, and you may consider it as the reason why she is such a good performer on stage. 

Besides singing, dancing, and acting, Yura is also fond of investments. She owns a building in Ulsan and is considered rich by her fellow band members. 


Minah is the main vocalist of the band. Her full name is Bang Ming Ah. She celebrates her birthday on 13 May, and she was born in the year, 1993. Therefore presently, she is 31 years old, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

In terms of physique, she is 164 cm (5’ 4”) in height and weighs around 47 kg (103 lbs). Apparently, she is the shortest member of the band.   

Five years after the band’s debut, “I Am a Woman Too” was released. It was the first solo album from Minah. After she left Dream Tea Ent., she pursued her career as an actress. You might have seen her movies, Holly and Dad for Rent. 

Her ideal type is someone similar to the D.O. of Exo. However, she chose to date a soccer player, Son Heungmin instead, in 2014. Their relationship lasted only for a year. 


Hyeri is the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and face of the group. Since she is the youngest member, she is also the maknae of Girl’s Day. Her birthdate is 9 June 1994, and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Hyeri is 167 cm (5’6”) tall and weighs over 54 kg (119 lbs). She is at present 29 years old. 

After signing in for an acting career, Hyeri gained much recognition as an actress. Even when she was actively working as a Girl’s Day member, she was the highest-paid among other Girl’s Day members.

She admires a man who is caring and affectionate, as Hyeri herself portrays such characteristics. She donated 50 Million Yuan for the welfare of the old age people in 2016. 

Former Members


Jisun’s real name is Hwang Jisun. She was the lead vocalist and sub-rapper of the band. Being born on 17 October, Jisun’s zodiac sign is Libra. Her birthdate is 17 October 1989. Thus, she will turn 34 this year. 

Speaking of her physical attributes, her height counts to be 165 cm (5’ 5”), and her weight is 46 kg (101 lbs). She completed her graduation from Keudong College and pursued a career as a singer.

However, she left Girl’s Day pretty soon. It happened just after a few months from their debut in 2010. Currently, there is news of her marrying Hoon, who is a member of U-Kiss. 


Jiin was the main vocalist of the group. Her full name is Lee Jin, and she was born on 13 March 1992. At present, she is 31 years old. 

In terms of height and weight, she is 167 cm (5’ 6”) tall lady, and her weight is about 45 kg (99 lbs). Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

She is an Anyang Art High School graduate. In 2010, she left the group with Jisun to explore other possibilities in her music career. In 2014, she joined Bebop, but after two years, she moved out. 

As of now, she works as a trot singer. 


Jihae was the main dancer and main rapper of the band. Her full name is Woo Ji Hae. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and her birthdate is 14 May 1989. Her current age is 34 years.

If we speak of her physical characteristics, her height is 160 cm (5’ 2”), and her weight is 47 kg (103 lbs). She loves to dance. She practices every possible dance form, from traditional Korean to ballet. 

She also loves going out. Her hobbies are trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. In 2012, she officially left Girls’ Day for personal reasons. Subsequently, a few months after her leaving the group, she released a song along with Jiin, “Loving Day”.


We hope the blog helped you to get factually close with the Girl’s Day members. Presently, all the Girl’s Day members are pursuing solo careers as actresses. Everyday #5 was their last single as a full group in 2017. 

Fans are anxious about their comeback as a band. However, it is not likely that the Girl’s Day members will reunite anytime soon. If you want to remain updated about the new endeavors of Girl’s Day, stay connected with us.  

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