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If you are running twitter, you must have across this account with username imac_too. If you are searching for imac_t00, here is some information about it. People who follow him on twitter knows how knowledgable tweets done by this twitter handle.

Who is imac_too Twitter ?

imac_too Twitter is a twitter handle from Maharashtra, India who tweets on National Politics, Maharashtra Politics, Narendra Modi, Current Affairs, sports and all other news from india. Imac_too is active on twitter since March, 2010 and have around 75,000 followers on twitter.

This twitter handle has done nearly 1,00,000 tweets so far. You can check the imac_too twitter handle on twitter to find more about it. The account handler mostly tweets on politics, right wing and have high fan following as well.

imac_too twitter

How to start using Twitter in India?

It is very simple to use twitter. You can go to twitter’s website or download twitter’s android/ ios, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows app and create an account.  You can mention your name, use mobile number or email address to create twitter account. You can choose your own twitter handle like iMac_too twitter handle.

Twitter allows 15 characters long twitter handle. After creating account with twitter, you can tweet with 280 characters (max) in 1 tweet. Follow verified handles, follow hash tags and topics on twitter. Many media houses, celebrities, sports person, politicians are available on twitter with verified handle.

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About twitter

Twitter is american microblogging website cum mobile app, allows users to post information, thoughts, picture, video on twitter platform. Twitter have over 5,500+ employees worldwide. And have around 330 million monthly active users. According to official data of twitter, 3.6% people share news, 3.8% people spam, around 6% do self-promotion, 37.6% do Conversational, 8.7% people Retweets tweets and 40% people do Pointless babble.

Mostly twitter is known for news content sharing and to follow your favorite celebrities. Twitter is all about Hashtags, usernames, retweets and replies. Recently, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi (@NarendraModi) crossed 7cr followers on twitter platform, making him 2nd most popular politician in world after Barak Obama.

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