Kolkata Fatafat Result Today 2023 – কলকাতা ff – Live Winning Numbers

Kolkata fatafat is a lottery game in Kolkata’s ‘City of Joy‘. The game is played four times on Sundays and Monday through Saturday; it is played eight times. It’s all down to chance, which the local government orchestrates. Interested participants should visit the Kolkatta FF’s official website, www.KolkataFF.com.

In Kolkata FF, the player must estimate many different types of Bazis. Unlike traditional lotteries, where the numbers are pre-determined, the player must calculate the winning record number in this game. Remember that you can only play this game after a lot of practice. There are guessing training videos and leading videos for the games on YouTube, which may provide further understanding of Kolkata FF.

Kolkata FF Timings Of Lottery From 1st Round To 8th Round

On Sunday, you may only play this game four times. The Kolkata FF results are listed above the lottery ticket you purchased. To play this game, you must be physically present in Kolkata. In the Kolkata FF Result Time Table, you may verify the round-by-round result time shown on your ticket. In the table below, we’ll provide you with a schedule of when the daily results will be announced.

Round Time
1st Round 10:25 AM
2nd   Round 11:55 AM
3rd Round 01:23 PM
4th Round 02:55 PM
5th Round 04:03 PM
6th Round 5:55 PM
7th Round 07:25 PM
8th Round 08:55 PM


According to the times shown in the table above, you can check your lottery result. As seen in the table above, you may now view Kolkata FF Matka’s outcome. We will give you a direct link to view your findings.

Kolkata FF

Using these links, you may check your Kolkata FF Matka Result live on your phone. The Kolkata FF Satta is the most popular sport in Kolkata, India. You must purchase a lottery ticket to play this game. It is entirely up to you to decide which lottery number to use.

FF Result Kolkata Winning Prize Money – 29th November 2023

If you want to buy a lottery, you need to learn how much it costs. The table below contains information on the Kolkata FF prize money, available from 1st to 5th place. We’ll also keep you updated on the procedure if you win the lottery. The lottery’s fee has been cut so that even the lowest of the poor can participate and win a prize.

After winning the reward, you must retrieve your lottery ticket from your local lottery office. You should contact your local Kolkata Fatafat Lottery office if you have won a lottery reward or if your lottery number appears in the lottery results. You must subscribe to the website to receive additional information. Comment below your questions and queries.

Position Prize Money
1st ₹ 1 Crore
2nd ₹ 9000/-
3rd ₹ 500/-
4th ₹ 250/-
5th ₹ 120/-

Today’s Kolkata FF Result – 29th November 2023

Recent Kolkata Fatafat Results 2023

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How To Check Kolkata FF Results?

You may now see the kolkata fatafat result on your smartphone. You must check your result in the manner outlined below. On this Kolkata Fatafat Matka, millions of Kolkata residents are overwhelmed with optimism every day. The lottery prize amount changes from time to time. If you bought a lottery ticket, you’re probably waiting for the Kolkata Fatafat Satta Bazar Result as well. You may verify the Kolkata FF Result in the manner described below.

Acknowledge the following steps to check Kolkata FF Result-

  1. Go to kolkataff.com
  2. Find “Kolkata FF Results” or “Baazi outcome” in the search box.
  3. Select Lottery Result from the drop-down menu. A new page with a list of winning numbers will appear.
  4. You can compare these numbers to your lottery number.
  5. If the number on the page matches yours, you are the winner.


Kolkata FF is a high-stakes gambling game in which money and personal possessions are at stake. It’s not a simple game. Multiple “bazis” are used in this game to win the jackpot. This game is identical to ‘Satta Matka,’ except it is only played in Kolkata. Participants who wish to participate in the game must first visit the official website.

The numbers estimated in the bazi are not pre-determined; instead, the player passing the record number calculates them. The game is entirely dependent on number guessing, and the amount won varies from player to player. Visit Kolkata FF’s official YouTube page to discover more about the game. We hope you must have acknowledged everything about the FF Kolkata. If you have queries or doubts kindly let us know below in the comment box.

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