How many Kpop Generations are there ?- Kpop Generation Timeline

Kpop has now become a big hit among the masses. You will get very few people who are not into K-pop. Now you must be wondering how many generations have passed for kpop. Addicting melodies and beautiful lyrics have always attracted people all over the globe. Kpop bands and groups are notable for a variety of reasons. Apart from this, the outstanding choreography of the stunning and bold performers will allow you to fall in love with the band. Millions of people around the world have fallen in love with Kpop bands and stars.

How many Kpop generations have passed?

  1. 1st gen—Mid-1990s to early 2000s.
  2. 2nd gen—Mid-2000’s to late 2000’s.
  3. 3rd gen—2011 to 2016.
  4. 4th gen—2017 onwards

You must be anxious to learn about the Kpop generations. Let us try to analyze it. This will give us complete knowledge about the generations.

The first kpop generation commenced in the early 1990’s and continued till the 2000’s. For this, we should be thankful to Seo Taiji and the Boys, who introduced the concept of Kpop among the people. Initially, it was a new one for the people, but it was found to be fruitful before the masses. Slowly, they started to love the group and the bands. The performances of the musicians made the band very popular.

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However, some of the best groups of that generation were Turbo, G.O.D, H.O.T Rain, and many more.

The next generation of Kpop commenced in 2003. But it is not clear when it ended. According to many, it ended in 2009 and for many, it ended in 2010. There is a controversy regarding the matter. During this period, some of the groups that evolved and gained good popularity among the people were the Wonder Girls and the Girls Generations. Tara, Kara, After School, and many other ones. It was during this time that the Korean wave evolved and became a big hit. Their unique choreography and melodious songs are still in the minds of the people. They still love and prefer the performers of this generation.

When we talk about the third generation, it is known that it commenced in 2011. But many are of the opinion that it started in 2018. Therefore, there is a controversy regarding the date. It is observed that K-pop, starting from the current generation to the present one has always been a special one. It has special significance in each period. The music was always special and great. Every group played a special role in their specific time.

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What is special about the Current kpop?

There are plenty of things important and special about kpop generation. It is clear that the present kpop generation is much more advanced and updated in all respects. The kpop generations years have always bought special impact among the followers and admirers. They have always admired and loved the songs and lyrics of the band. In the present generation, you will get many things special. They are using all the latest techniques and modes of music. This can also help you enjoy much more melodious and beautiful lyrics. There has been great improvement in the performance of the kpop members. The members now are much advanced and well-aware of the modern tools. They are also using modern techniques to make their music much more beautiful. This is good both for the performers and the viewers or the audience.

Bottom lines:

Perhaps a lot of kpop generations have passed and each one had bought with something special. They have also bought an important impact in the life of the viewers, but whatever be the generation, it has always been special for the fan followers. Right from the date of its commencement till the modern time, it has been loved by people all across the globe.

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