How Old is Mamamoo Group members? – Age, Birthday, Height, and Weight

Mamamoo is one of the most famous girl groups in South Korea. They have earned good fame and popularity among the people. This group was formed in 2014 by WA Entertainment. There are four members in the group who play an important role in the group. The group commenced its journey on June 18, 2014. The official name of the group is MooMoo. The group’s lightstick is radish because, in the Korean language, Moo represents radish. All the group members of this team were born between 1991 and 1995. This shows that the group is comprised of young members.

A detailed study of the Mamamoo group members

In this part, you will learn about the group members of Mamamoo. It will be a great experience to acquire proper information about these group members. Let us try to find out about them.


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Solar Mamamoo is one of the oldest members of the team. She is the primary member who is responsible for the formation of the team. Her real name is Kim Yong Sun. She was born in February 1991. There is a controversy regarding her age. Her Korean age is 29 years, whereas her international age is 28 years. She is Korean by nationality. She completed her education at Modern K Music Academy. She had a strong interest in music right from the beginning. Solar has a height of 43 kg.


Wheein Mamamoo is her stage name. But her actual name is Jung Wheein. She was born in April 1995. Wheein is a fantastic member of the team whose Korean age is 25 years and international age is 24 years. She is South Korean by nationality. Wheein has a height of 159 cm and weighs about 43 kg. She is a good performer for the team.

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Hwasa Mamamoo has a birth name which is Ahn Hye Jin. The previous one is her stage name. She was born on July 23, 1995. Hwasa has a height of 159 cm. Her approximate weight is 44 kg. She is also a South Korean by nationality. Hwasa is an active team member of Mamamoo.


Moonbyul Mamamoo is her stage name. But her actual name is Moon Byul Ki. She was born in 1997. Her Korean age is 28 years, but she has an international age of 27 years. If we talk about her height and weight, it will be found that she has a height of 163 cm, whereas her weight is 45 kg. She is also a South Korean by nationality.

Very recently, the team entered into a controversy, which was known as the “blackface controversy.” Anyhow, in Mamamoo Blackface, the team members incorporated blackface and brownface into their cover of Mark Ronson. With this, they entered into a prolonged controversy, which became serious at some point. But after a period, the thing or the controversy was settled. It seems that everything became normal after a while. The team members apologized for their actions.

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What is the importance of Mamamoo?

It seems that Mamamoo has gained a good amount of fame and reputation out of their performances. They have really done well in almost every concert. These groups of girls often appear in weekly idols. They have also participated in various shows and concerts right after the formation of the group. It was in 2016 when the group collaborated with Gfriend on the idol. They provided a lot of entertainment for the people. The viewers were highly surprised at their performances. The team is also planning to organize shows in other places.

It will be great to know about the various concerts that the group has performed till now. In 2016 they performed in Seoul. Again in 2017, the group performed both in Seoul and Busan which comes under South Korea. In 2018 they performed in Hongkong, Taipei, and Seoul. In the same year, they also performed outside in countries like Japan, Tokyo, Nagoya, and several other places. In 2019 they performed a live tour in Japan.  That was a big hit for the team.  However, the next two years were terrible for the group because of the outbreak of the pandemic. But now things are changing and the group is again planning for the new concerts in and around the country. The best thing about the group is that they have gained a lot of admirers not only in Korea but also in countries like Japan, Hongkong, and Tokyo.

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Bottom Lines:

The primary aim or motive of the group is to reach a huge number of audiences through their performances and shows. If you observe, you will find that Mamamoo is a name that is similar to the babies. It is the sound that most babies make for the first time, like Mama. This group of girls is very talented and great.

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