Oh My Girl Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of Oh My Girl Kpop Band?

Do you admire Hyojung, Mimi, Arin, Yubin, Seunghee, or even YooA? If yes, then this article is surely going to excite you as through this article, we shall discuss the popular Oh My Girl K-pop group and its members.

Oh My Girl is a group performing under WM Entertainment. The group consists of six South Korean girl members. The group was formed with eight girl members, however two members, that is Jiho and JinE left the group in May 2022 and October 2017 respectively due to certain health issues.

The group made its debut on 20th April 2015 through their title track “Cupid” from the debut album “Oh My Girl”. On the 20th and 21st of August 2016, Oh My Girl members had their first-ever solo concert, the tickets of which were sold out merely within 3 minutes. The title of the concert was “Summer Fairy Tales”. This was the fastest record of the tickets being sold for any novice group.

Oh My Girl Group Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Signs

After that, on 23rd December 2016, the group announced their next coming mini album “Secret Garden” on 9th January 2017. Around 3000 tickets were sold merely within 2 minutes of the announcement. After this, the group gained amazing popularity in the K-pop world. Some of the popular music albums from this amazing group include Oh My Girl Best, Listen to My Word, Oh My Girl Banhana, Bungee, Dolphin, Cupid, and many more. The group also participated in Queendom in August 2019, and they ended up being the 1st runner-up at the end of the episode.

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Let’s check on the age, birthdate, height, weight, and zodiac sign of the Oh My Girl kpop members in detail.


Choi Hyo Jung, who is popular by the name Hyojung was born on 28th July 1994 in Angyang, South Korea. Her current age is 28 years and her zodiac sign is Leo. The height of this beautiful diva is 158cm while her weight is 42kg. The position of Hyojung in the group is of main vocalist. She is also the leader of the group.


The birth name of Mimi is Kim Mi Hyun. She was born in Jeju Island, South Korea on 1st May 1995. Her current age is 28 years and her zodiac sign is Taurus. The height and weight of this Ohmygirl member are 163cm and 47kg respectively. Mimi is the main dancer, main rapper, and vocalist of the group.


Yoo Yean Joo, whose stage name is YooA was born on 17th September 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. She has changed her birth name to Yoo Shi Ah and her current age is 27 years. She is a Virgo by zodiac and her height is 161cm. Her weight is 44kg. She is the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group. She is also the Face of the Group.


Hyun Seung Hee, was born on 25th January 1996 in Chuncheon, South Korea. Her stage name is Seunghee and her current age is 27 years. She is an Aquarius by the zodiac. The height and weight of this beautiful member are 160cm and 44kg respectively. She is the main vocalist and rapper of the group.


Bae Yu Bin, whose stage name is Yubin is originally from Chuncheon, South Korea. Her birthdate is 9th September 1997 and hence, her current age is 25 years. She is a Virgo by zodiac. Her height is 161cm and her weight is 43kg. The position of Yubin in the group is of a vocalist.


Choi Ye Won, was born on 18th June 1999 in Busan, South Korea. She became popular by her stage name, Arin. Her current age is 23 years and her zodiac sign is Gemini. According to the Oh My Girl profile, the height and weight of this cute singer are 167cm and 50kg respectively. Arin is the lead dancer and vocalist of the group. She is also the Maknae of the group.

Henceforth, considering the Oh My Girl discography, the eldest member of the group is Hyojung who is also the leader, while the youngest member of the group is Arin. All the members of the group are from South Korea. YooA is currently residing with her family, while Hyojung has her own apartment and is living all alone by herself. Arin, Yubin, Mimi, and Seunghee started looking out for their accommodation, and are currently living together in the same building in which they have their own personal dorm.

The fandom name of the group is Miracle while the official color of the group includes Pantone 304c, Pantone 461u, and Pantone 230c. The group is active on nearly every social media platform and also has its official page or website through which the fans can easily get all the details about the upcoming music from the band.

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