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Looking for UP Opinion Poll? As elections are emerging in Uttar Pradesh, political fever is rising every day. Many political leaders and parties are trying their level best to get the seat. It will be a great conflict between all the parties. Different media companies are working day by day to give the best information to the public and general masses. The UP opinion poll is a major concern among most people. As Uttar Pradesh is a densely populated state it can be a great competition. Many people are assuming that Aam Aadmi Party or AAP will come back again on the seat. However, nobody knows about the exact result.

Opinion poll of 2022 UP election:

Date PublishedPolling agencyLead
18 March 2021
3 September 2021ABP-CVoter[110]*41.8%*30.20%15.70%5.10%7.20%*11.6%*
8 October 2021ABP-CVoter[111]*41.3%*32.40%14.70%5.60%6.00%*8.9%*
13 November 2021ABP-CVoter[112]*40.7%*31.10%15.10%9.00%4.10%*9.6%*
11 December 2021ABP-CVoter[113]*40.4%*33.60%13.20%7.30%5.50%*6.8%*
10 January 2022ABP-CVoter[114]*41.5%*33.30%12.90%7.10%5.30%*8.2%*
23 January 2022

About 200 million people reside in this state. The up assembly election 2022 opinion poll can be a tight race. Uttar Pradesh has 80 parliamentary seats. In the 2019 general elections, BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party won about 71 seats out of 80. It was a historic victory for the party. Overall BJP won 282 seats out of 543 seats. It is believed that BJP made a historic victory in the three decades. It is expected that BJP will have done wonderfully in 2019.

UP opinion poll

Why BJP will win in 2022?

A survey conducted by the polling agencies has proved that BJP will surely win the election. It means that the state will again get back the Yogi Government. The state will bring many schemes that can develop the state and its people. It must look for the betterment of the people. On the other part, Uttar Pradesh has the lowest literacy rates. This is why Uttar Pradesh will witness a prestigious battle. It is nothing more than that. The tension over the election is increasing among the party leaders. It will keep on increasing.

If you keep a constant eye or watch on the television and various newspapers you will find that various opinions and statements are coming up for up latest opinion poll. Most people are getting confused about the election. In fact, different people are having different sets of opinions. If you observe minutely you will find that no two opinions will differ in any way. It has been observed that maximum parties have forged alliances. It is also expected and presumed that Congress may forge alliances with other smaller parties to win the election. It is just based on assumptions.

On the other part, the Mayawati Government has announced that they will alone face the election without making an alliance. This proves that they are working independently. They will never prefer to take any help from the other parties. People who are looking or searching for an alternate party other than BJP can cast their votes for Congress or SP. It depends from person to person. No one has the right or chance to change their opinion. As per the experts, an alliance between SP and congress may prove to be fruitful for both parties. They can take an attempt to win the election.

A good number of people is eagerly waiting for the 2022 election. It is believed that the election will be proficient for Aam Admi Party. The rest is totally unpredictable. You cannot change people’s minds. You never know what the common men’s are thinking. They will always try to bring a Government that will bring the development of the state and its people. Gone are the days when people used to blindly believe their respective leaders. Modern people are educated and sensible. They will easily grab the situation and act accordingly. To know about the result you have to wait for the election.

When is the tentative day for the election?

This is another major concern among political lover. People are waiting for the time when the date for the election will be announced. The Samajwadi Party is expected to witness a jump of 7% in the upcoming election. This is the opinion of the experts. SP is a majority party of Uttar Pradesh. They are the old ones and have good experience in the political field. The party comprises expert leaders who have spent half of their lives in the political industry.

If you look to the other side, you will find that the BSP party is losing its popularity to a great extent. According to the experts, the BSP party is expected to win only 14 seats. This shows that they are on the bottom level. Chances are very rare to win the election if some miracles happen. All the odds are in favour of the BJP party. What does it reflect? It simply reflects that BJP has a majority chance of winning the election. However, the party is making every possible attempt to win it and come back to their seats.

Regarding the date of the election, it is found that it can be held somewhere between February and March 2022. Dates have not been published till now. You have to wait for some more days to know about the up election date. To do this, you have to keep a constant watch on the media channels and newspapers. It is also good if you start keeping watch on various social media platforms from time to time. They will furnish you with all possible information and updates about the poll. The date for the election will be published somewhere in January.

Do you know what is on the mind of the voters? The answer to this question is no. Nobody knows about the state of mind of the voters. It will be reflected right on the result publication date. What we are saying is just based on presumptions. It may change or may remain the same. Based on our predictions it is found that the election will be in favour of the BJP party. It will lead to their success and once again they will get back their positions. Ordinary people will always demand a fair election session. It must be done for the well-being of the nation and its people.

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