Who Set Up the Oudh Kisan Sabha ? – Check Answer

Oudh Kisan Sabha was founded for the benefits of the peasants. You must know during the early days many people mainly the peasants lost their lives during this movement. For the betterment of the peasants Jawaharlal Nehru set up this sabha. Apart from Nehru there were other people who also joined him in this sabha. One of the noted people who took active participation was Baba Ram Chandra. They sacrificed their life for the sake of the sabha. It was a great initiative that was taken by these people. It was found to be very useful.

Background of the Oudh Kisan Sabha

It will be good to know about the history of the oush kisan sabha. The most important question that often arises among people who set up the oudh kisan sabha? And what is the background of the sabha?

This sabha was set up by Jawaharlal Nehru accompanied by Baba Ramchandra and other people. The main cause of the sabha was to free the peasants from the unnecessary rents that were levied by the Landlords. They used to create immense pressure on the peasants for getting the taxes. They never hesitated to take the lives of this innocent people.

Baba Ramchandra
        Baba Ramchandra

What were the demands of the peasants?

The peasants were so much oppressed with the landlord. Apart from all this, the peasants also demanded for the reduction of the taxes. They also demanded for the reduction of the revenues. It was becoming intolerable day by day. The landlord’s torture was not confined within the peasants but they also started torturing on the family. Many people either committed suicide or surrendered before the landlords.

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This continued for a long time and became intolerable for the peasants. They tried to get rid of this situation. However, in this case, a sabha was formed. The sabha strongly protested against the act of the landlords.

oudh kisan sabha

The sabha was formed along the awadh village. This is because peasants of this area were mostly exploited. The initiative to form the sabha started during June, 1920. However it was formed finally in September. The main agenda of the sabha was to fight against the talukdars and the landlords. They were the main people who did a lot of problems to the peasants. The situation became so worse that they had to beg before the landlords for farming and other purposes. They had to suffer from huge financial crisis during this period. They had no other ways but to surrender before the talukdars and landlords. The movement was mostly active in parts of Uttar Pradesh. People of these areas were much exploited. Thus they started revolting against this oppression. They required a leader who assists them in this work. When Jawaharlal Nehru formed this sabha they were much pleased.

The movement continued for a long time and people actively participated in it. It bought effect on the Indian political system. The movement took a major role in fighting against the rights of the peasants. Many talukdars were caught for their illegal acts.

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