> 63%

of those defeats were due
to constituency mismana-
gement resulting in locali-
zed anti-incumbency

constituency mismanagement resulting in localized anti-incumbency.

Over the last 4 years intensive booth level research done by team 5Forty3 in both LS & VS constituencies spread across 13 states to analyze 227 defeats of sitting candidates has shown us conclusively that 63% of those defeats were due to constituency mismanagement resulting in localized anti-incumbency. This essentially means that more than half of sitting MLAs & MPs who lose elections invariably lose due to lack of channelized administration of their constituencies.

5Forty3 has developed a targeted data driven Constituency Management System (CMS) to streamline the administration of an individual constituency. Our CMS achieves semblance between leveraging technology and actual ground outreach by adhering to the core tool of People Relationship Schematics. CMS enabled geographies are the best way to create a pro-incumbency environment to mitigate electoral risks.

At the core of the 5Forty3 CMS is the granular understanding of ground realities of different Indian geographies that gives us our unparalleled depth of socio-political and economic commentary. By better managing constituencies, our greater endeavor is to enable the last-mile reach of governance and services which would eventually result in a better India.

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