> 80%

of the contestants invariably
lose elections despite spen-
ding large amounts of reso-
urces and campaign time.

Winning Elections in India, the elegant way.

Electoral politics is the one business in India which has absolutely no clear definition of ROI (Return on Investment) because 80% of the contestants invariably lose elections despite spending large amounts of resources and campaign time. With unprecedented understanding of Indian elections and path-breaking analytical tools, 5Forty3 Datalabs has created the world's first full suite of Election Management System (EMS) specifically targeted to address Indian elections.

EMS is a suite of three delineated protocols: Inbound Protocol, Data Mapping and Outbound Protocol. These protocols provide a comprehensive 360-degree control over the entire electoral system. Additionally, our 3-tier suite disrupts every process of an election both qualitatively and quantitatively to create potentially invincible campaigns backed by data rigor.

In a digitally disrupted era of modern politics, our EMS helps achieve the best possible ROI by crafting a professionally-managed campaign environment. Our precision tools and predictive analytics give us an unbeatable and victorious advantage. In a democracy, elections are the first step towards disrupting the system for a better change. 5Forty3 Datalabs enables this bottom-up revolution using the EMS suite.

Inbound Protocol

The first part of any election campaign is to get a comprehensive 360 degree grasp of the entire target geography. Our Inbound Protocol is therefore a pre-campaign engineered system that achieves the highest levels of ground intelligence through clearly defined processes. At a fundamental level a successful Election Management System can only be mounted on a solid foundation of actual ground intelligence, therefore Inbound Protocol on its own is the most important political process.

Although at the core, Inbound Protocol is essentially a deeply data driven system of profiling a target geography, it is not merely a passive data mapping process and instead also provides a clear insight into the voter dynamic through accurate poll surveys and gap analysis. Thus Inbound Protocol can be implemented on its own in a specific geography without creating dependencies on other processes of EMS.

Data Mapping

This is almost a parallel process that runs concurrent to Inbound Protocol and is in essence the middle layer of our Election Management System wherein all the millions of data points of a specific target geography are mapped, vectored and ready to be deployed. Utilizing a large number of tools and methodologies developed in house, we begin to position predictive data analytics at this stage.

Essentially, Data Mapping process also acts as the cleavage between Inbound and Outbound protocols as it encompasses cadre role allocation and citizen pooling as part of the future booth outreach schematics. Therefore in this middle layer of our EMS stack, electoral processes begin to make that crucial transition from Inbound to Outbound which heralds the onset of actual campaign.

Outbound Protocol

Over the years, analyzing various political campaigns in India, we had realized that some of the primary vulnerabilities during a campaign arose from either over stressing on particular aspects of campaign or from misdirected flow of intersegmental data. We have designed the world's first cellular campaign structure that treats each aspect of campaigning as an independent cell with centralized control of intercellular communication chain. By replicating this cellular structure of campaign design across the target geography scaled to the lowest possible denominator, we hope to maintain a symmetrical equilibrium on the flow-cycle of information and power duality to achieve the highest control over cause and effect throughout the campaign period.

Thus our outbound protocol engineers a cellular campaign model with 2+3 inner core cells and 2 addendum cells floating at the outer shell. The 2+3 inner cellular model is essentially the 2 platforms of brand and campaign designing on which the other 3 cells are mounted to capture the entire target geography. The outer cells of deficiency monitoring and QRP are cut off from the intercellular information flow cycle to maintain a thoroughly data driven exercise.

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