Red Velvet Members Age – Check Their Birthdays, Height and Weight Details

If you are a great admirer of female bands, you must have heard about Red Velvet. It is one of the most famous bands that come with huge fan followers and admirers. This group has five members. All of them are active and have great contributions to the team. All the members of the team have a date of birth between 1991 to 1999. However, all the team members are South Korean by origin. There is a great significance to this name. Red represents the two different images that the group possesses. Red mostly refers to the bright side whereas velvet represents the classy image.

The red velvet group and its members:

If you want to have a view on the performance of the group, you must have proper knowledge about the group members. This will help you to easily recognize the members and their roles in the group. Let us now explore it to the fullest.

red velvet members

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Irene has a birth name which is Bae Ju Hyun. It is known that irene red velvet age is 31 years. She was born in March 1991. She has a height of 160 cm and weighs about 44 kg. It was in 2009 when she auditioned for the first time. Right from the beginning, she had a passion for music. She loved singing. Her favorite color is pink. She has a hobby of cooking and singing. She also loves to celebrate each of the members birthday. All the red velvet members age is within 31 years.


She is also known by her original name which is Kang Seul Gi. She was born in February 1994. She has a height of 161 cm and a weight of 44 kg. She has a strong passion for yellow color. She first appeared for the audition in 2007. She has a love for animals. She loves teddy bears and polar bears. Drawing and playing guitar is her hobby. You will also catch him several times during the show playing guitar. You can easily recognize her through her sweet smile.

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Wendy has the official name of Wendy Son. She is the primary vocalist of the team. She has a weight of 47 kg and a height of 160 cm. she has a strong love for blue color. Right from her childhood days, she loves to play the flute, guitar, and other musical instruments. As she grew up it increased and she loved to play those instruments. She performed as a soloist in 2021. It was a big hit.


Yeri is also famous for her original name Kim Ye Rim. She was born in March 1999. Red velvet yeri age is 23 years. Yeri has a height of 161 cm and a weight of 49 kg. She belongs from South Korea. She has a favorite color of purple. She was in the group right from the beginning of 2015. She is a big foodie. This is why she loves to have Tuna Kimchi Fried Rice. She likes to mix up with people, so she loves to meet people.

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Joy or Park Soo Young is another leading one in the group. She was born in June 1996. Thus, the red velvet joy age is 26 years. Joy has a height of 168 cm and a weight of 47 kg. She was born in Jeju Island which is in South Korea. You must have also seen her in a number of shows and movies. She had a knack for acting apart from singing. Yeri and Joy used to share the same room. She is also good at singing trot.

You must be interested to know about the significance of the Red velvet name. The first four letters ReVe comes from the word Red and Velvet. Luv means and signifies the love that fans and the members have for each other. Each of the group members has a special role to play. Each one of them comes with a special appearance. For example, the tallest member of the Red Velvet team is Joy. She has a height of 168 cm. Almost, all of their videos are interesting and exciting at the same time. During the pandemic, they could not bring any videos and songs. But you will love to watch their latest ones. The members have a stylish look and it attracts the viewers.

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Bottom Lines:

With the comeback of various bands people are growing interested in the subject. Earlier there was a time when people did not love to see all these shows. As times are changing, new things are coming into existence. You will now really love to watch their latest releases. Red Velvet is one of the best ones on the list. They have also gained good popularity in the meantime which is good for the team.

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