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The 5Forty3 economic and business research reportage is of global standards produced by accomplished professionals with years of industry experience. Our research reportage gives you that cutting edge, sector and segment specific intelligence to enable crucial, timely and disruptive decision-making.

Policy impact analysis

360-degree perspective

Real-time pulse of India

Predictive data analytics

Authentic bottom-up research

Emphasis on research beyond metros

Crucial ground presence across India

Sector & segment specific analysis

Data clarity on political risk

Critical insights for investment in India

The 5Forty3 Advantage

The 5Forty3 advantage lies in-depth research in different underlying geographies of Indian massmarkets with predictive analytics that have demonstrated scalable accuracy in 18 statistical events. We are deploying our data-tech platforms to understand India in exactitude for several research activities this year.

True picture of capital in demonetized India

DBT and the emerging micro economic cycles

Impact of “Namami Gange” on the states of Gangetic plains.

e-Mandis and the neo revolution in the 24 lakh Cr₹ agronomic market of India.

A systematic study for potentially rebalancing banks’ lending cycles.


Research activity charter

Near 100% Accuracy

Near 100% Accuracy

Research Methodology

Primary Research:  The path-breaking 5Forty3 primary research methodology has been completely developed indigenously for the Indian mass markets which is why it has a mean error margin of only 2.2% across various geographies. We have overcome most of the error prone aspects of a PPS (Probability Proportionate to Size) system of primary research in India like selection bias, random sampling error and non-response evaluation error by deploying three of our proprietary systems which have given us near 100% accuracy over the last 5 years across diverse Indian geographies covering wide demographic landscapes.

Secondary Research:  Our renowned secondary research team has a proven track record to pick up signal from noise time and again over various industrial verticals spread across geographies. We specialize in understanding India at the granular level using precise meta-analysis techniques and then deriving that intelligence to build a bottom-up research model. The proprietary qualitative and quantitative secondary research methodologies developed by 5Forty3 Datalabs have the ability to provide unprecedented and unparalleled socio-economic and political insights into India.

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