How to Register on Mahaswayam Employment Registration Web Portal?

Are you looking to register with the Rojgar Mahaswayam portal? Maharashtra Government has taken the initiative to make the place a better place to live. It has launched a portal that will help the educated youth to get better jobs and employment. A site is a great place where educated youths can get their best jobs. In the present time, you may come across many people who have good degrees but they are unable to get a better job because of ample reasons. But if you register in mahaswayam you will get better scopes and exposures. The site is easy to handle and anyone can do it.

Best way to Register in Rojgar Mahaswayam Portal

rojgar mahaswayam login

You need to follow a series of steps to get registered on this site. To start the process you have to visit the official site of the Maharashtra Government. Once it is done you have to move in mahaswayam login process. The educated youths have to register themselves on this site. The site will provide specified jobs to the candidates based on their educational qualifications. The site has three parts or sections. The first section is the Mahaswayam or employment for the youth. The second part deals with skill development and the third part is linked with the work of self-employment or Mahaswamarojgar.

The rojgar mahaswayam registration process is easy and simple. Anyone can do it even if they are handling it for the first time. If you are above 14 years of age or above that you can easily apply for jobs in this portal. You will get a job as per your age and eligibility. The candidates have to be permanent residents of the Maharashtra state. This is mandatory or else they could not apply for a suitable job on this site. Once you open the page, you have to move to the Employment option that appears on the homepage.

Once it appears you have to click on the relevant job options. You will also get a form that needs to be filled up with all the correct details and information. Once you provide the mobile number an OTP will be generated. You have to give the OTP to move further for registration. You need to feel the captcha code that appears on the form. However, you fill in all the mandatory fields on the form. If it is not filled the form will not be submitted to the site.

Mahaswayam registration process

You must have some documents required while filling out the form. Some of the essential ones are Aadhar cards, education certificates, passport size photographs, and address proof, certificates issued by the MLA or MP’s of the state. These are some of the crucial documents that need to be submitted while filling out the form. If you want to apply through offline mode, you need to visit the nearby employment exchange.

However, this site has opened new avenues and scopes before the people. The mahaswayam portal has also gained good popularity among the people because of its great works and scopes.

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