How Old Seventeen Members are? – Age Birthdays & Height/Weight

You must have heard about seventeen members team. It is a team that has thirteen members. The specialty of this team is that it comprises members who are born between 1995 to 1999. You can easily get the equation of the team members. There are thirteen members in this team plus three sub-units and one group. Together it makes thirteen. The seventeen members’ age varies to some extent. All these reflect that the members of this group are young and dynamic. They have excellent singing skills that make them unique in all aspects.

Which are the birthdays of the seventeen members?

It will be good to know and learn about seventeen members’ birthdays. It is interesting to hear that the oldest member of this group is S.Coups who was born in August 1995. The junior-most member of this group is Dino who was born in February 1999. Let us now find out the birthdays of the seventeen members.

seventeen members

  1. Coups: Birthday on August 8, 1995.
  2. Jeonghan: Birthday on October 4, 1995.
  3. Joshua: Birthday on December 30, 1995.
  4. Jun: Birthday on June 10, 1996.
  5. Hoshi: Birthday on June 15, 1996.
  6. Wonwoo: Birthday on July 17, 1996.
  7. Woozi: Birthday on 22nd November 1996.
  8. DK/ Dokyeom: Birthday on February 18, 1997.
  9. Mingyu: Birthday on April 6, 1997.
  10. The8: Birthday on November 7, 1997.
  11. Seungkwan: Birthday on January 16, 1998.
  12. Vernon: Birthday on February 18, 1998.
  13. Dino: Birthday on February 11, 1999.

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Facts of the seventeen members family:

If you want to reveal more facts about the members of the seventeen groups, it is better to explore them. On the other hand, you will get various sites that will give you proper knowledge and information about them. Let us explore it.

  • Woozi is the stage name, but his actual birth name is Lee Ji Hoon. Therefore, seventeen woozi height is estimated to be about 164 cm. He was born in South Korea. Right from his childhood, he had a love for music. He used to play instruments in his early days. It is good to know about the seventeen height order for better knowledge.
  • Mingyu is also known as Kim Min Gyu. Seventeen mingyu height is about 186 cm. He is one of the tallest ones in the whole group. He has a sister named Kim Minseo who is four years younger than him. Mingyu seventeen is a very popular group member.

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  • Vernon or Hansol Vernon Chwe is another member of the seventeen groups. Vernon seventeen is very famous among the group.
  • DK seventeen or Dokyeom is one of the famous vocalists in the group. DK is believed to be one of the funniest members of the group. He is a fun-loving person who feels that this process gives him the energy to lead a good life. He has a sister who is older than him. DK loves to date a person who is either older or younger than him.
  • Joshua seventeen has the birth name of Joshua Hong. Joshua is Korean by origin but he was born and brought up in America. He is the only child of his parents. Joshua started his career as a trainer in 2013. He is the only member of the seventeen groups who knows five languages. Joshua is a great fan and follower of EXO.
  • Hoshi seventeen is known by his birth name as Kwon Soon Young. He is known for his great performance. He is indeed a great dancer or performer in the seventeen groups. Hoshi has an older sister. Most people love to see his performance.
  • You must have heard about Jun who is also a popular member of the seventeen groups. He was just two years old when his parents got divorced. However, his mother remarried again. He started his career in his childhood days as a child actor in China. During this time he found that there were many students who loved to watch kpop performances. This made him curious about the bands and started watching them.
  • The8 was born in China. The8 started his career on the b-boying team in China. He is also a famous member of the team. He has a strong love for the summer season. It is known that he has a strong love for Chinese and Korean cuisine. However, Chinese food is mostly preferred by him.

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Final lines:

The seventeen groups are always famous for their awesome performances. Almost all the members of the group are great on their team. They are known for their best performances. If you have not yet watched the performances of this young, stunning, and dynamic group, it is the right time to take a chance and watch their performances. It is for sure, you will fall in love with their group.

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