Top 10 Shortest Kpop Idol (Male)

These days everyone is talking about Kpop idols. The fans are highly impressed by the unique traits and talent each group member is carrying. Where one is getting popular for his unique looks, and the other is famous for his tall height. No matter what their height, weight, or physic is, they all have made their way to the Korean music industry through their symbolized music, visuals, dance, and fashion.

Top 10 Shortest Kpop Idol (Male)

Through this piece of information, let’s discuss the short Kpop idols who have successfully captured hearts through their charm. We have already covered Tallest Kpop Idols (male) list, now check out the Top 10 Shortest Kpop Idols (male).

Shortest Kpop Idol male

#1 Jimin (BTS)

When counting on the shortest male in kpop, Jimin is the name that strikes everyone’s mind. With a height of around 173.6 cm, he ranks first position in the list. No doubt, many think that the height of Jimin and Suga are the same, but Jimin is still a little shorter than Suga.

#2 Suho (EXO)

Suho is the next member of the list. After getting discharged from the military, Suho joined the Kpop industry. His height is around 173cm. He is an amazing actor, composer, and singer.

#3 Lee Know (Stray Kids)

The next short member is Lee Know from Stray Kids. Its height of Lee is around 172cm. He is the principal dancer of the group as well as the sub-rapper and the vocalist of the group. The group members also call him the mom of the group.

#4 Eunkwang (BTOB)

Eunkwang (Btob) recently got into the limelight after shouting at one of the concerts. Eunkwang’s height is around 173cm. He is the musical actor, leader, main vocalist, composer, and singer of the group.

#5 Ten (NCT)

This Thai singer’s actual name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. His height is 172cm. He is not only a good singer but a good dancer too. He is an active member who is the sub-rapper, lead vocalist, and main dancer of the group.

#6 Woozi (SEVENTEEN)

The next member in the list of shortest kpop idols is Woozi from the SEVENTEEN group. His height is merely 164cm and he is also the shortest member of his group. He is the leader of the vocal team apart from being with SEVENTEEN.

#7 Ha Sung Woon (Wannaone)

One of the all-rounders of the Kpop industry, Ha Sung Woon is the next short member of the WannaOne group. This Hotshot member of the group is around 167cm in height. Apart from this, he is an amazing songwriter too.

#8 Jinho (PENTAGON)

Jo Jin-Ho, who is popularly known as Jinho is from the PENTAGON group. His height is around 168cm. Famous for his cute looks, Jinho is a composer, vocal teacher, songwriter, and singer.

#9 Jinhwan (IKON)

Jinhwan is not only the shortest member on the list but also one of the oldest members in the Kpop industry. The owner of amazing pop vocals, Jinhwan’s height is around 165cm. He is the eldest member of the IKON group as well as the lead dancer and main vocalist of the group.

#10 Felix (Stray Kids)

Felix has won millions of hearts with his deep voice since he made his debut with Stray Kids. Its height of Felix is around 171cm. He is the sub-vocalist, rapper, and dancer of the group. He joined JYP Entertainment in the year 2017 and is originally from Australia.

So, according to you, who is most shortest kpop idol? Definitely, it’s Woozi from SEVENTEEN with a height of around 164cm. No doubt, all the members come from different heights, but they are still popular idols hired by entertainment agencies for their mesmerizing talent, singing, and dancing. So, which short but cute kpop idol rules your heart?

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