Top 10 Tallest Kpop Idol (Male) 2023 [Updated List]

You must have heard about K-pop. This term is becoming more important each day. Do you know what the exact meaning of K-pop is? It stands for Korean pop music. It is actually written as “k-pop.” The concept originates from South Korea. But it is famous throughout the whole world. To make it simpler, it can be stated that Kpop in South Korea is almost similar to Taylor Swift in the United States. The term is written in a number of ways. It actually depends upon the person who is going to use and write the term. However, it would be great and good to know about the tallest Kpop idol.

The top 10 tallest Kpop idols (male)

In this part, you will learn about the tallest K-pop members. It is vital to know about it. Let us find out in the next few lines.

#1 Uiyeon (192 CM) (6 ft 4 Inch)

Uiyeon is the tallest K-pop male idol among all of the other ones. It is found that he has a height of 192 cm. He was born in 1996. He belongs to the GreatGuys group. Because of his great height, he has a lot of admirers.

Uiyeon height

#2 Rowoon (192 CM) (6 ft 4 Inch)

Rowoon, who stands at 192 cm, is another of the city’s tallest male K-pop idols. He was also born in 1996. He is related to the SF9 group.

Rowoon height

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#3 Taewoo or Tae-woo (190 CM) (6 ft 3 inch)

Taewoo has also counted among the tallest male K-pop idols, with a height of 190 cm. He belongs to the G.O.D. group.

taewoo height

#4 Hwalchan (190 CM) (6 ft 3 inch)

Hwalchan is another of the tallest K-pop stars who has a height of 190cm. He also belongs to the GreatGuys group. His year of birth is 1996.

Hwalchan height

#5 Seoham (190 CM) (6 ft 3 inch)

Seoham also has a height of 190 cm and belongs to the KNK group. He was born in the year 1993. He has a good number of fans, followers, and admirers.

Seoham height

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#6 James Lee (190 CM) (6 ft 3 inch)

The next one on the list is James Lee, who has a height of 190 cm. He comes from the group of Royal Pirates. He was born in 1988.

James Lee height

#7 Lou VAV (190 CM) (6 ft 3 inch)

Lou has a height of 190 cm and comes from the VAV group. His birth year is 1996.

Lou vav height

#8 Jung Hyun (189 cm) (6 ft 3 inch)

You must have heard about Jung Hyun. He has a height of 189 cm and belongs to the 2Z group. Jung Hyun was born in 2002. He is perhaps the youngest one on the list of K-pop male idols.

Jung Hyun height

#9 Cheon Seung Ho (189 cm) (6 ft 3 inch)

Se-Ung is another tallest Kpop male idol, standing at 189 cm. He belongs to the “The Man” group. His birth year is 1994.

cheon Seung ho height

#10 Wooseok (188 cm) (6 ft 2 inch)

You must have heard about Wooseok, who is also the tallest K-pop male idol. He has a height of 188.4 cm. His birth year is 1998. He is also included in the list of the tallest Korean singers.

Wooseok height

What are the best features of Kpop singers?

It will be great to learn and gather knowledge about the best features of K-pop singers. Let us find it out.

  • The most vital thing about Korean singers is that they give birth to some beautiful and melodious songs. Through this, they have won the hearts of millions of people all across the globe.
  • All the stars in this group have plenty of qualities and skills. Each one of them is the best in their field.
  • Almost all of their songs are wonderfully choreographed. This attracts the attention of the viewers to a considerable extent. They elect the best spots for their songs and albums.
  • On the other hand, you will surely fall in love with the dance moves of the singers. They are so well-trained and skilled.
  • Almost all the groups are blessed with the skills of hard work, charisma, and charm. This is their specialty.
  • Another thing that must also be mentioned in this case is their colorful and fashionable apparel. This is something exciting.

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Who’s the tallest Kpop idol?

The tallest Kpop idol is Uiyeon, who has a height of 192 cm.

Mingi’s height in centimeters

It is found that Mingi has a height of 183 cm or 6 feet. He is a resident of South Korea.

What is Cis Hyunsuk’s height?

It would be interesting to know the height of Cix Hyunsuk. He has a height of 186.7 cm or 6.1 feet.

What is the zelo height in feet?

Zelo has a height of 187 cm or 6.2 feet. He is also a resident of South Korea.

What is Kim Junyu’s height?

Kim Junkyu has a height of 178 cm, which is expected to be 5 feet and 10 inches. However, his birth name is Kim Jun Kyu.

What is Wooseok’s pentagon height?

Jung Wooseok has a height of 188.4 cm, or 6 feet 2 inches. He is a member of the Pentagon. Thus, he is often known by the name of Wooseok pentagon.

What is Lele Tao’s height?

Lele Tao has a height of 188 cm.

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