Top 10 Best K-pop Songs of 2022

The list of the top K-pop songs 2022 is out! The year was full of musical surprises and melodious comebacks. Interestingly, 2022 was the year of the girl gangs. The top places are all occupied with refreshing tunes from female K-pop groups. However, it won’t be fair to say that our charming K-pop boys were anywhere behind. From the SEVENTEEN celebrations to the Psy-tribute, the songs hit the charts and hearts of many K-pop fans around the globe. 

Which is the Best K-pop Song of 2022?

Let’s see which tracks took the top spot in our Top 10 Best K-pop Songs of 2022! 

best k-pop songs

#10 “Cheers” (SEVENTEEN)

The SVT LEADERS of the K-pop group “Seventeen” released their fourth single of the “Sector 17” repackage album. The song came out for the audience on 18th July 2022. “Cheers” is all about celebrating the accomplishments and aspirations of the group. The viewers can see the seventeen leaders sub-unit comprising S.Coups, Hoshi, and Woozi in the visuals. “Cheers” is a confident song without being unpleasant, starting with the initial pan-flute melody and ending with vocals with just the right amount of processing. The album’s release made the band receive its third career No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales. 

#9 “That That” (Psy)

“That That” is the first song by Psy in five years since founding P Nation, his own music company. It was a collaboration with Suga of BTS, who first joined to produce the music until Psy persuaded him to join in on the recording process as well. The song was released on 29th April 2022. In the song’s second stanza, the singer and Suga engage in a fight done “Gangnam Style,” which finishes with Suga holding a bloodied Psy on the bonnet of the car representing farewell to Psy’s earlier work. The work reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts making the singer’s “dream come true,” while he bids farewell to a bygone era. 

#8 “Run BTS” (BTS)

On 10th June 2022, “Run BTS” was made available as the first track of CD 2 of BTS’s debut anthology album. The song takes BTS back to its hip-hop beginnings, paying homage to the group’s name-brand variety show and bringing it closer to its original hip-hop sound. It reflects the history of the group over a decade after its debut and coveys that the band’s success is a fruit of their consistent hard work. 

#7 “GingaMingaYo” (Billie)

“GingaMingaYo” was released for the global audience on 23rd February 2023. The song was part of the second extended play, “The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Chapter One,” by the K-pop group Billie. They brought weirdness back to the K-pop world. The song’s unusual harmonies and slightly unsettling scale modes are used to define the song’s distinctive tone. The delivery of quick, one-off phrases and sing-song rap exchanges amongst members throughout the song’s verses is where “GingaMingaYo” really excels. The lyrics of the music reflect the doubts and emotions that surface in a person’s mind while going through adulthood. GingaMingaYo placed 6th place on the Billboard Japan Heatseekers Songs Chart with the debut. 

#6 “Nxde” ((G)I-DLE)

Nxde is a song on the sexualisation of women that plays with several meanings of the term “nude. “Nxde” features a dramatic arc that concludes with Shuhua accusing the audience of having a dirty mentality as it builds to a chorus primarily anchored by the “Carmen” tune played on a sorrowful violin. Cube Entertainments released Nxde as the lead single for the group’s extended play, “I Love,” on 17th October 2022. The song and music video feature Marilyn Monroe and make lyrical and visual allusions to movies like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” The song ranked 50 on the Global 200 Billboard. 

#5 “Forever1” (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation’s joyous 15th-anniversary song, “Forever 1,” seemed like an actual love letter to its devoted fans and, more significantly, to one another after years of hoping for a reunion. SM Entertainment released the song on 5th August 2022, featuring eight of the original group’s nine members. The beautiful, booming chorus of “Forever 1,” a full-on pop song, drops practically an octave before ascending melodically back up the scale. The bridge, where the song samples the piano melody from Girls’ Generation’s first single, “Into the New World,” is where the song shines the brightest, though. With the release, “Forever1” got 67th place on the Global 200 (Billboard). 

#4 “POP” (Nayeon)

“POP” is the first solo debut by Nayeon (a member of the girl group “TWICE”). It was released on digital platforms on 24th June 2022. Amazingly, POP was a success with its pounding beat and supporting synth horns. But what truly makes “POP!” stand out is Nayeon’s voice and all the many ways she manages to pronounce “pop” throughout the song. From the song’s soaring chorus to its high-pitched rap bridge, Nayeon showcased all the skills she acquired as a K-pop idol. 

#3 “Antifragile” (Le Sserafim)

Le SSERAFIM’s second mini album is titled Antifragile. The album’s title tune, “Antifragile,” was released on October 17, 2022. With the departure of Kim Garam on July 20, 2022, this album represents their first official comeback as a group of five. The song “Antifragile” talks about being able to rise beyond hostility or hardship in addition to being resilient. The music also makes references to the members’ past selves. Antifragile received the Best K-pop Song award alongside topping the Global 200 (Billboard) at 38th position. 

#2 “Hype Boy” (NewJeans)

Instant fame only comes to a few K-pop rookie bands after their debut. Yet this year, a brand-new girl group, “NewJeans,” hit the big time. With the sudden release of their first song, “Attention,” NewJeans made one of the year’s most remarkable debuts. Still, “Hype Boy” managed to win the most hearts, inspiring covers from all corners, even those from stars who are presently enlisted in the South Korean military. The start of “Hype Boy,” which features a chopped-up, pitched vocal sample before launching into the first line, is musically compelling right away. The song was released on 23rd July 2022. 

#1 “Love Dive” (IVE)

The South Korean girl group IVE recorded “Love Dive” for their second single album. Starship Entertainment put it out as the lead single for the album on April 5, 2022. The song was an instant hit with enormous financial success. IVE made its mark as the fourth wave of K-pop hitmakers with “Love Dive.” It ranked as the best-performing song of the year and topped the Gaon Digital Chart for four weeks. It won several awards, including Song of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards, the Melon Music Award for Song of the Year, and the MAMA Award for Song of the Year. 

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