Top 10 Kpop Groups 2023

The Kpop industry has been flourishing since its beginning. Thanks to the K-pop groups that are maintaining the charm and charisma of Korean pop music. Whether it be a girls’ group or a boys’ group, the members are immensely talented and experienced in their respective genres. Their heartthrob looks, sassy choreography, and stage-breaking performances put an impression that never fades away. If you’re a Kpop genius or just a beginner, you should know these Top 10 Kpop groups in 2023 to upgrade your Korean music knowledge and taste.  

Which are the Top 10 Kpop Groups in 2023?

So, here is our list of the Top 10 Kpop Groups (Boys and Girls Mix); Do check it out!

top 10 kpop groups

10. Seventeen 

Kpop boy group Seventeen made their debut on 26th May 2015, under Pledis Entertainment, with the EP 17 carat. It later went on to become the only debut album to be included in Billboard’s list of the “10 Greatest KPop Albums of 2015” and the Kpop album with the longest US chart run. The group consists of 13 people who are divided into three units each for performance, vocal, and hip-hop. The band is praised for its originality and self-production. The group members develop the choreography, music, and stage attire for their shows. With their artistic vision, they always offer something new and interesting to the audience.

9. Red Velvet 

Red Velvet is a girl kpop group formed in the year 2014 under the management of SM Entertainment. The band initially had four members. After their debut, a fifth member was added to the group that completed the final line-up. Speaking of their performances, Red Velvet is more than music. They are renowned for their impeccable taste in clothing and impressive stage presence. Red Velvet is known for putting on some of the most thrilling live performances. Their stage presence is exciting, and their choreography is always spot-on. 


On 12th February 2019, ITZY debuted with the single “Dalla Dalla.” The five-membered girl group works under the label JYP Entertainment. Since their debut, they have been drawing interest from fans all across the world. They experiment with Hip-hop, EDM, and pop components to create peppy and energising music that hits differently. The music videos for ITZY are as entertaining as their songs. Their amazing dance abilities are well displayed by the flawless choreography, which is constantly on the spot. All in all, the group strives to be on top and brings the best to its fans. 

7. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is an eight-membered boy group that was formed under the banner of JYP Entertainment in the year 2017. With the release of the EP “I Am Not,” the group made its debut in the K-pop industry. Soon after, Stray Kids established itself in the K-pop music industry thanks to their powerful anthems and distinctive visual and musical taste. Their performances address challenging subjects and problems that many people deal with daily. They also promote conversation about these issues while using their music to represent their generation.

6. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE made its debut with the release of “Lalata,” their first single, on 2nd May 2018. The line-up originally had six members, but after the departure of Soojin, it became a five-membered group with members, Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Shuhua, and Yuqi. (G)I-DLE has gained recognition for being an idol group that “self-produces,” shattering biases of female idols with their original thoughts and voice tones. Strong messages of self-love, female empowerment, and speaking up for oneself are frequently included in their songs. They have captured the hearts of many fans with their engaging performances and astonishing stage presence. 

5. Enhypen

With the 2020 survival challenge show “I-Land,” Belift Lab, a partnership between CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation, created the boy band Enhypen. On 30th November 2020, the seven-membered band made their debut with the extended play (EP) Border: Day One. The members of ENHYPEN are dynamic and unique. The group has won four “Rookie of the Year” awards since their 2020 debut. Most recently, they took home the Best Artist honour at the Asia Artist Awards 2021. Their laid-back musical taste has greatly aided in their two-year ascension to international fame and has gradually made them a favourite Kpop group among fans.

4. Twice

Twice was founded as part of the Sixteen (2015) television series. They made their debut on 20th October 2015 with the extended play (EP) “The Story Starts.” The group originally consisted of 8 members; however, at the moment, there are 9 singers. Since their debut, Twice has accomplished tremendous feats, placing among the top girls’ Kpop groups in terms of sales, commercial value, success, and accolades. Also, their energetic live performances have won fans all over the world.  

3. TXT 

In the year 2019, TXT made its debut with EP “The Dream Chapter: Star.” The group is managed by Big Hit Entertainment and consists of five members, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Huening Kai, and Taehyun. Ever since their debut, there has been no looking back for TXT. The band has maintained its position among the top-ranking Kpop groups. Many of the group’s singles have topped the Billboard charts. Moreover, together with BTS and Blackpink, TXT became the only group whose album made it to the top 10 of the Billboard 200. That, too, for two weeks in a row.

2. Blackpink

Blackpink made its debut in August 2016 with the release of their single album Square One, which included songs “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” The four-membered group is managed by YG Entertainment. Also called the “biggest female group in the world,” Blackpink has broke many records and won several accolades for their performances and music. Their songs have catchy beats and appealing vocals that make them energetic and cheerful. Their unique tone has instantly won them international fans, and their music videos are lauded for their attractive visuals and creative ideas.

1. BTS

BTS was created in 2010 by Big-Hit Entertainment. The seven-membered group debuted in 2013 with the song “2 cool 4 skool.” Since then, BTS has released many Kpop songs in the hip-hop, R&B, and EDM genres. The group has received a Billboard Music Award and is among the best-selling artists in South Korea. They have a large, international fan following. Their songs mostly offer personal and social criticism and touch on acceptance, self-love, and mental health. They also display the group’s amazing synchronicity and intensity while performing complex choreography. Overall, BTS is a fantastic group that has established itself on the top of the Kpop pedestal.

These are our choice of the Top 10 Kpop groups of 2023. What about you? Comment your top favourite kpop group, and why! For more updates on the top 10 and top 5 lists of Kpop, keep visiting!

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