Top 10 Kpop Groups (Male) 2023

In the world of the music industry, many Kpop bands have managed to achieve massive stardom in the music industry. Out of all the members, below are the top 10 Kpop male groups that have been ruling the music industry ever since their debut.

Top 10 Kpop Male Groups 2023

The top 10 kpop groups in the male genre are as follows:-

top 10 kpop groups


This group debuted in 2013 and it released its first-ever album in the year 2014. The fact that this band was able to achieve quick success in a short period is good enough a reason as to why it is nicknamed ‘Monster rookies’. In the year 2020, the band went on hiatus as they had to report mandatory military service but they reunited to host some concerts in 2020.


Astro debuted in 2016 when each member was a part of iTeen Boys. The band released its mini-album in 2016 and the album came to be known as Spring Up. In 2019, it released its first-ever-length album.

#8 Stray kids

Stray kids made its debut in 2017. In its initial phase, the group has nine members, but Woojin bid farewell to the group in 2019 and started pursuing a solo career. One of their many achievements includes their first album hitting the number one position on the iTunes Charts in several countries.

#7 MonstaX

This group debuted in 2015 and it was formed through a certain TV talent show, No Mercy. Although initially, the band has seven members however in 2019, one of the members, Wonho left the group as he was alleged of using drugs. The band has also released English-language albums.

#6 Got7

The Got7 debuted in the year 2014 and it was formed by JYP Entertainment. The band consists of a total of seven members who belong to different nationalists hailing from Thailand, South Korea, the US, and Hong Kong. In the year 2016, the group launched its first Japanese album. The fact that every Got7 performance comes with street dancing and more is good enough a reason as to how adventurous and splendid their performances are.


This group debuted in 2015 and although the group name is Seventeen, there are 13 members in the group. The reason behind naming the group is to split it into 3 separate groups so that they can form 1 cohesive unit. Since the members of this band are responsible for their production as well as composition; they have rightly earned the name of ‘self-producing’ from their fans.

#4 NCT

NCT an abbreviated form of Neo Culture Technology is one of the most popular boy groups in the Kpop world. The band has 23 members who perform in separate four units, NCT Dream, NCT 127, NCT U, and finally the WayV. Although, each of the units performs and promotes separately, however, the whole group came together as one to record an album on three occasions.

#3 EXO

EXO is yet another kpop group with a massive audience who made their debut in 2012 and have been performing actively ever since. SM Entertainment formed the group in the year 2011. When the band made its debut, 12 members were made to perform in two separate subgroups, one is EXO-M and the other is EXO-K. But, in the year 2014, they culminated as one single unit.

#2 Wanna One

Wanna One debuted in 2017 and CJ E&M formed the group. One of the finest achievements of the group is that Billboard chose it to award the best newcomer awards as the Best New KPop Act of 2017. However, the journey of the band ended in 2018 when they hosted their final concert in 2019 January.

#1 BTS

BTS is also known as Bangtan Boys as well as Beyond the Scene and it made its massive debut in 2013. Ever since their debut, they have managed to create a strong fan base from literally every corner of the world. One of the finest achievements of the band includes them being the first ever Kpop group to perform at the American Music Awards and then follow up by winning a Billboard Music Award.

Thus, the above is all the information that was there to know about the Top Kpop male groups 2023.

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