Top 5 Youngest Kpop Idols (Female) (Maknae)

Kpop groups are popular for having idols who have made their debut at a very young age. Similar to males, female idols have also initiated their struggle at a very young age and proved themselves by winning various titles, breaking records frequently, and winning the hearts of various fans globally with their talents. Again, they have successfully handled their fame and shared their blaze with the fans by initiating their training at a very young age probably in their middle school age.

Top 5 Youngest Kpop Idols (Female)

So, here today let’s discuss the list of the top 5 youngest kpop idol who have very well captured thousands of hearts through their talent.

#1 May (Cherry Bullet)

The lead dancer, visual, and vocalist from the group, May is the youngest member of Cherry Bullet. Born on 16th November 2004 in Japan, May is currently 18 years old and the Maknae of the group.

may cherry bullet

She is also the tallest member in the group. May is a foodie and hates exercising. She can also play piano and admires MOMOLAND the most. Her favorite color is white. Her baby face look and her personality makes her an adorable member of the industry.

#2 Chaeyeon (Busters)

Born on 4th December 2004, Chaeyeon is currently 18 years old. She is the center, vocalist, and lead rapper of the group. She is also the face of the group and has also acted as a child artist prior to joining the group.

chaeyeon Busters

Chaeyeon has also performed in various movies, CFs, and dramas. She is also hosting Tok! Tok! Boni! Hani!, a popular children’s reality show along with NewKidd.

#3 Heesun (MyDoll Girls)

The Maknae of MyDoll Girls, Heesun was born on 25th January 2005. Her current age is 17 years. She had formerly joined the Pink Fantasy group, while she is also an ex-member of the CutieL group.

Heesun MyDoll Girls

Apart from being a Kpop star, she is also talented in Taekwondo. She can very well imitate Bruce Lee and his expressions, as well as place her foot behind her neck with ease. She is also the tallest member of the group. Whenever she smiles, she shows around 20 teeth.

#4 Zoa (WEEEKLY)

Born on 31st May 2005, Zoa is the Maknae of the WEEEKLY group. Currently 17 years, Zoa is the rapper of the group. Her list of hobbies includes enjoying YouTube, dancing, singing, watching movies, watching dramas, and eating.

zoa weeekly

According to her, her most charming points are her deer-like eyes and fairy-like ears. Zoa loves food that has the flavor of green tea and her favorite color is red. She is a huge fan of the Avengers and Harry Porter series.

#5 Minji (Busters)

Minji’s birthdate is 26th September 2006 and she is currently 16 years old. She is currently the youngest Kpop star in the entire Korean industry. She is not only the Maknae of the group but also the vocalist, rapper, and lead dancer. She is a multi-talented member of the group. She has also remained a child artist along with Jieun, her older sister.

Minji Busters

Minji has also received a grand prize when she participated in a children’s dance competition. She wants to visit USA once in her lifetime.

Apart from all these, other youngest members of the Kpop industry include Yeseo from CutieL, Dahyun from Rocket Punch, Songyee from Woo!Ah!, Wonyoung from IZ*ONE, Minjung from Milkyway, and many more. All the members are not only youngest in the Kpop industry but also talented in various other fields. So, which youngest idol from the Korean pop industry is your favorite?

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