Top 10 Kpop Artist in 2023

Are you a K-pop fan? Then you might be aware of the fan following and popularity of K-pop idols. The craze for Korean Pop music and K-pop stars is growing tremendously. Thanks to their unique style, hooking music, and energetic live performances. It is worth mentioning that every K-pop artist is a star on their own. Though, there are a few who shine the brightest. Here we have the most awaited list of the Top 10 K-pop Artists that are ruling the internet and the industry. To know who is the top k-pop artist in 2023, read the complete article. 

Who is the Top Kpop Artist in 2023?

All Kpop Fans must be searching about this, and so we have prepared the list here; check out the top 10 Kpop Artists this year.

Top Kpop Artist

10. Lee Ji-Eun

Lee Ji-Eun, well-known as IU, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and actress. She made her debut with the EP “Lost and Found” when she was just 15. Her subsequent albums were also commercially successful, but she didn’t become a huge star in the country until “Good Day,” the lead single from her 2010 album “Real.” Since her debut in 2008, IU has been nominated for more than 200 awards and has won over 100 of them. She not only sings but also acts and hosts radio and television programmes. She became one of the wealthiest female K-pop idols in 2023 thanks to her talent. 

9. Kim Hyun-Joong

Actor-singer-songwriter, Kim Hyun-Joong is a skilled member of the well-known K-pop group SS501. After making his solo debut in 2005 with SS501, Kim released his first Korean solo album in 2011 called “Break Down” and his first Japanese solo album called “Unlimited” in 2012. Kim is regarded as one of South Korea’s top Hallyu stars of the early 2010s as a result of his commercial success during that era. Even now, he is one of the most famous and prosperous K-pop idols of 2023. He is regarded as one of the legends of Korean music due to his personality, sense of style, and incredible singing.

8. Jeno 

Jeno or Lee Je-no is a rapper, singer, dancer, and television host. His first break in the industry was as a child artist for commercials. SM Entertainment reached out to him when he was just thirteen. Not much later, he made his official debut with NCT in August 2016. When he was young, he wished to be an architect or an automobile engineer. But as he developed an interest in music, he decided to pursue it as a career. And the rest is history! In collaboration with SM Entertainment, Jeno made history on 13th September 2022 by becoming the first K-pop artist to walk as the opening model for a New York Fashion Week. 

7. Jennie 

Jennie or Jennie Kim is a singer, rapper, and actress. In November 2018, she released “Solo,” her debut single as a solo performer. The song was a commercial success, dominating Billboard’s Gaon Digital Chart and World Digital Songs chart. Jennie is well-known for her brand recognition and marketing skills as she consistently ranks first on the monthly “Individual Girl Group Members Brand Power Ranking” of the Korean Business Research Institute. The upcoming HBO series “The Idol” will be her big Hollywood break. 

6. Jimin

Jimin is a member of BTS. Plus a singer, dancer, and songwriter. He is one of the most popular and successful k-pop idols in 2023 thanks to his smooth voice, outstanding dancing abilities, and attractive performing skills. He has been widely praised for his talents and has contributed to many of BTS’s top songs and albums. He is, moreover, one of the most handsome K-pop idols. Jimin has also explored solo projects. Thus, in 2016 he released “Lie,” his debut solo song. Fans hold him in great respect and rank him among the top K-pop idols.

5. Sehun

Sehun is a member of EXO.  His acute, potent sense of rhythm and timing has made him a well-known singer and dancer. Together with being attractive and endearing, his attractiveness and gracious nature make him the listeners’ favourite. He also has a significant online presence and is incredibly loved by fans. Millions of messages from fans flood his DMs. His few acting credits include the movies Secret Queen and Dokgo Rewind. According to Sehun, he prefers to focus on the emotions one transfers rather than the mechanics. This is the reality that draws his followers towards him.

4. Jisoo  

Jisoo is a Blackpink member. Her real name is Kim Ji-soo. By profession, she is a singer, actress, and Blackpink member. She became a global star after debuting as a Blackpink member in the year 2016 as audiences praised her unique fashion sense and attractive stage presence. In Gallup Korea’s yearly surveys, Jisoo was placed as the 10th most well-liked K-pop idol in 2018 and the 17th in 2019. Together with band member Rose, she has the third-highest number of Instagram followers among K-pop idols as of February 2021. In the upcoming years, Jisoo will make his solo debut, according to YG Entertainment.


3. Kim Tae-Hyung

Kim Tae-Hyung or popularly called “V”, is a member of the boy band BTS. He was a “secret member” of BTS before his debut. But after the official debut, there has been no looking back for him. During BTS’ fan meeting in November 2016, V came up with the slogan “I purple you.” Since then, purple has come to represent BTS and its followers. His sweet eyes are a big hit with everyone. V, however, has a truly distinctive style that the Korean fashion industry admires. His stern demeanour, menacing gaze, and humble voice steal the hearts of millions of global K-pop fans. 

2. Lisa

Lisa is a rapper, singer, and dancer from Thailand. She is a part of the YG Entertainment-created group Blackpink. Since her debut with Blackpink in 2016, Lisa has reached heights of success in the K-pop industry. Five Guinness World Records, a Mnet Asian Music Award, a Gaon Chart Music Award, and the first MTV Video Music Award and MTV Europe Music Award ever won by a K-pop soloist are just a few of Lisa’s accomplishments. She is one of the most well-known K-pop idols in the world and has the highest number of Instagram followers as of 2019. She currently has 88 million Instagram followers, demonstrating her status as one of the most successful K-pop idols in 2023.

1. Jungkook 

Junkook is the golden maknae of the worldwide recognised band BTS. He took part in the Superstar K auditions held in Daegu in 2011 for the South Korean talent show. And Junkook is the most handsome Kpop Idol as well. After that, he received casting offers from seven entertainment companies. He ultimately decided to become a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment. Jungkook’s fame has earned him the nickname “Sold Out King,” as the products he uses to sell out fast. He also consistently ranked first on Tumblr’s list of “Top K-Pop Stars” for three years. He has a large following both in South Korea and abroad, and he is renowned for his intense rapping and sensuous dance moves. His endearing personality and chic sense of style have contributed to his ongoing success.

So, these are our Top 10 Kpop Artists list; check out our other top 10 list on Kpop. Thank you!

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