Top 10 Kpop Female Rappers

Rapping is an art form that requires boldness, rhythm, and a strong aura. Even though the art is gender-neutral, its recognition is mostly limited to male artists. Speaking of the K-pop industry, female idols are often showcased to be soft and delicate and assumed to be not good rappers. Breaking the biases, here we have a list of Top female Rappers from the K-pop world that are worth listening to. Let’s see who lands on the top of our ranking!

Who is Top Kpop Female Rappers?

kpop female rappers

#10 Jennie (Blackpink)

Jennie is a member of the four-membered girl group “Blackpink.” In August 2016, she debuted as a Blackpink member under the label YG Entertainment. She released her first song as a solo artist, “Solo,” in November 2018. The song was a commercial hit, topping the Gaon Digital Chart and the World Digital Songs list on Billboard. When it comes to talent, Jennie is a real all-arounder. Even if she isn’t the main rapper in her group, her rapping skills are undeniably amazing. The reason Jennie doesn’t rap more is only that her vocals are much loved by the fans. However, she has rapped in several Blackpink songs and has proved that rap and femininity don’t always have to be distinct ideas.

#9 Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung is one of the three leading rappers of Twice. She made her debut with the release of the first extended play by Twice, “The Story Begins,” under JYP Nation. Chaeyoung’s rapping style is distinctive in that it manages to be equally charming and ferocious. Having penned the rap verses for several of Twice’s big songs, she has also shown herself to be a gifted lyricist. Chaeyoung wrote a rap line for Twice’s cover of J. Y. Park’s “Precious Love” for their 2016 EP “Page Two,” making her the first member of the group to gain writing credit.

#8 Youngji (Soloist)

Youngji began her K-pop career in the year 2019 after winning the third season of High School Rapper. She also won the 11th season of “Show Me the Money.” Youngji is one of the youngest rappers in the K-pop industry and is a promising artist. She has given many fierce and energetic performances and was also featured in one of Syeon’s solo music albums. She is a versatile rapper and is not afraid to represent herself in any form to a mainstream audience to succeed. Having said that, Youngji has started making a global presence by participating in international concerts. 

#7 Hyuna (Soloist)

Hyuna was a member of 4Minute and was also a part of the Wonder Girls’ initial five members group. When she joined 4Minute in 2009, their first single, “Hot Problem,” was an instant hit since it caught people’s attention even before their debut on stage. Although 4Minute disbanded in 2016, she persisted in pursuing a solo career. Hyuna is also well recognised for her role in the international smash “Gangnam Style” music video by Psy.  Her sweet, upbeat, and adorable rap style became well-known. She may not be a rapper in the classic sense, but she is talented and capable of using rap in original and artistic ways.

#6 Dami (Dreamcatcher)

Dami made her rapping debut in 2017 with Dreamcatcher, and since then, she has continued to dazzle audiences with her talent. Her voice is pleasant and unexpectedly deep. Dami is renowned for rapping with all of her fire. She differs from other K-pop rappers in terms of delivery, and she consistently manages to add something fresh to each performance. Several people became aware of her talent after watching YG’s MIXNINE programme, which featured her rapping skills. She is one of the top emerging female rappers in K-pop and is starting to attract a lot of attention with her charisma and natural talent.

#5 Jessi (Soloist)

Jessi made her debut in South Korea in 2005, and in 2006 she briefly joined the hip-hop crew Uptown. She took a brief break from music before making a comeback as a solo performer and a member of the hip-hop band Lucky J, which she remained a part of until it split in 2016. She transferred to Psy’s record company P Nation in 2019 as the first artist signed there when her contract with YMC expired, where she maintained her solo career until she left the label in 2022. For K-pop, Jessi is reinventing what rap looks like. Jessi has thrived despite never being a member of the group and despite encountering sexist abuse for her more daring nature and style (whether individually or in her rap).

#4 LE (EXID)

LE made her rapping debut with Jiggy Fellaz, an underground rap group. Even before she joined EXID in 2012, she was a well-known underground rapper. The group’s first song, “Who’s That Girl?” from EXID, marked their debut. She rapidly rose to the position of the lead rapper for the group and has since been on all of their albums. She has also worked with other musicians and recorded many solo tracks. In 2013, LE worked with Feeldog from Big Star and Junhyung from B2ST. She also released her highly successful debut solo album, “L.I.E,” in 2015. She is renowned for having tutored Hyuna in rap, and there are rumours that she also helped Soyeon. LE is a gifted composer who has created songs for herself, her band, and other musicians.

#3 Lisa (Blackpink)

Lisa is the lead rapper of the famous K-pop group Blackpink. As a trainee of YG Entertainment, Lisa started her rapping career. She first caught the attention of K-pop fans when she was included in Teddy’s song “My First Love.” In September 2021, Lisa released her debut album as a solo artist, Lalisa. She became the first female artist to achieve so when the album sold over 736,000 copies in South Korea during its first week of sales. Rapping is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk of Lisa. After making her group debut in 2016, she has dazzled crowds with her amazing rapping abilities and has since continued to wow fans with her remarkable flow and delivery.

#2 CL (2NE1)

CL debuted in the K-pop industry as a member of the girl group 2NE1 in 2009. She became the leader and main rapper of the group, thanks to her great personality and strong charm. CL is, without a doubt, the finest female rapper in K-pop. She has several years of experience in the field and has repeatedly shown that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her song “Lifted” came in first place on the Billboard Hot 100. She became the first solo female singer from Korea to reach the top of the charts. The delivery and flow of CL are superb, and her rhymes are always spot-on. She is a fantastic vocalist as well, so she is a superb performer all around.

#1 Soyeon (G-Idle)

Soyeon made her debut in 2018 with “Latata,” the group’s first hit. She is a fourth-generation rapper, yet she has an amazing talent and charisma that will be remembered forever. Her recorded quickest rap is 8.3 syllables per second, which is among the fastest for a woman in the industry. She also composes a significant amount of the music for both her group and herself, demonstrating her familiarity with the form and organization of rap. Her songs frequently have an uplifting and motivating message, and she has a terrific flow and delivery.

So, These are the Top Kpop Female Rappers. We have more information on other Kpop Top lists; check out the below list;

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