Winner Members Kpop Profile – How Old Are Members of Winner Kpop Band?

Many of you might know Winner members since their survival show days when they were part of “WIN: Who is Next”. On the contrary, many of you may just have started liking KPop and may not know them at all. 

Whoever you may be, this article will add something interesting to your Kpop knowledge by introducing you to the Winner Kpop group and its members.   

So, the Winner Kpop group debuted in 2014 under YG Entertainment. At that time, Winner was a five-membered group. The members were Mino, Yoon, Jinu, Hoony, and Taehyun. However, Taehyun left the group in 2016. Thus, Winner K Pop became a four-membered Korean boy band from then.  

You will learn more about them, their profiles, and WINNER members’ ages, birthdays, height, weight and zodiac signs in this blog. That’s why continue reading ahead!

Winner Kpop Members


Formerly called Seungyoon, and now Yoon, is the leader, main vocalist, and the current maknae of the band after Taehyun. His full name is Kang Seung Yoon, and his date of birth is 21 January 1994. Being a January-born, he is an Aquarius, and as for his age, he is at present 29 years old.

He is a native of Busan, South Korea, and he got his degree from Busan Music and Arts High School. In school, he used to play guitar. At that time, he was just an eighth grader. 

If we talk about his physical characteristics, he is a 5’11” (180 cm) tall guy whose weight is 58 kg (128 lbs). Apart from singing and dancing as an idol, he also works as an actor. You may seen him in multiple dramas including “We Broke Up” and “Love for a Thousand More.” 

Speaking of his achievements, Yoon won the Gaon Chart Award for Rookie of the Year. Moreover, he is also fluent in English and Japanese. 


Jinwoo, now known by the stage name Jinu, is the lead vocalist and visual of the band. His full name is Kim Jin Woo. He was born on 26 September 1991, and his zodiac sign is Libra. As for his age, he would turn 32 this year. 

Jinu’s height is 5’10” (177 cm), and his estimated weight is 58 kg (128 lbs). He is a native of Imjado, South Korea, where he joined Joy Dancer Academy to upgrade his skills. He was a trainee for about five years. At the 2011 YG Family Concert, he supported as a backup dancer. Interestingly, Taehyun was also there in the same role. 

He prefers swimming in his free time. Moreover, not many people know that Jinu can never be a cat person as he is allergic to their fur. WINNER members define Jinu’s personality as warm and tender. In 2020, he enlisted in the Army and was discharged a year later on 31 December 2021.  


Hoony, or Seunghoon, is the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of the band. His full name is Lee Seung Hoon, and his birth date is 11 January 1992. He is a native of Busan, South Korea, and he spent most of his childhood days there. 

Hoony later moved to Seoul after getting a high school degree. There, he got into “Korea’s Got Talent’. The name of his group was “Honest Boys.” Moreover, he stood 4th in the reality show Kpop Star’s first season. 

Currently, Hoony is 31 years old, and he even completed his mandatory military service which started in 2020. Also, because Hoony is a January baby, his zodiac sign is Capricorn. As for his physique, he stands 6’1” (185 cm) tall, and his weight is over 65 kg (143 lbs). 


Mino’s full name is Song Min Ho. His position in the band is of the main rapper, vocalist, and face of the group. He probably would have been the leader of WINNER, but due to an unfortunate injury, he could not make up for that. 

As for the facts, his birth date is 30 March 1993, and his birthplace is Yongin, South Korea. Being born on 30th March, his zodiac sign is Aries. Also, as per his date of birth, his age is 30 years.

Talking about his physical attributes, he is a 6’0” (182 cm) tall guy, and he weighs around 57 kg (126 lbs). He spent his childhood in Yongin, and he completed his education at Hanlim Arts School. He is friendly and cheerful in person. However, many may feel uncomfortable with him initially. 

Mino enjoys activities that involve creativity, like drawing, composing songs, photography, etc. However, he also has an interest in sports. He likes basketball and was a trained tennis player. As of now, he is serving in the military. 

Winner Former Members


Nam Tae Hyun, popularly known by the stage name Nam Tae Hyun, was the group’s main vocalist and maknae. However, he left WINNER in November 2016. The reason for his departure was related to the mental illness he was suffering from. 

Moving towards his personal details, Taehyun spent his childhood in Hanam, South Korea. He was born in 1994 on 10 May. Therefore, his present age is 29 years, and his zodiac sign is Taurus. As for his height and weight, he is 5’11” (180 cm), but there’s no official information about his weight. 

He became a part of YG Entertainment by passing a private audition conducted in 2011. Listening to music and composing songs are his favourite pastime activities. After he moved out of WINNER, he laid the foundations for the South Buyers Club, his own agency. 


The most recent album of Winner was released in 2022. The album was titled “HOLIDAY” and it was the comeback album from the members as they returned to the group after two years of hiatus. 

All the current members have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment, and they might be planning to release a hit track soon. Therefore, if you want updates on WINNER KPop and its members, do follow our page, as we keep posting stuff like this regularly. 

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