“Forensic experts could not come to a conclusion on the possible reason for the death (of IAS officer, D.K. Ravi)” a police officer has stated (in newspapers today) after going through the preliminary autopsy report at Victoria hospital. Probably, Victoria hospital’s doctors, forensic experts and investigators are all incompetent because just by looking at the body our very own James Bond, M.N. Reddi, the Bengaluru police commissioner, could not only easily deduce that it was a case of “suicide” in less than 3 hours after the body of IAS officer D.K. Ravi was discovered but also was confident enough to promptly inform all the gathered news media of his great conclusions without any delay.

The police commissioner’s boss, our very own Mr. Q and superman combo, the state home minister, K.J. George has even greater expertise in investigating crimes, for he has almost supernatural powers in investigating crime scenes. Within 24 hours of D.K. Ravi’s death, our superman home minister of Karnataka, K.J. George was able to tell the Karnataka assembly categorically that “this was a case of suicide due to personal reasons”!

In fact, our superman Home Minister, K.J. George (may Jesus bless his supernatural powers) was able to know about this whole “death by suicide due to personal reasons” 2 days before D.K Ravi died on the 16th, as he categorically stated in the assembly (to the absolute surprise of speaker, Kagodu Thimmappa) that on the “14th of March itself, he had known that Ravi is dead”! Later it turned out that the honorable minister had submitted a wrong date to the assembly and the speaker, which was blamed on a “simple typing error”. It is, of course, another matter that a minister who can make printing errors on such an important case is expected to conduct an error free investigation into the death of an honest IAS officer, but then we silly ordinary mortals do not know anything about the supernatural powers of our Home Minister .

In that same assembly session, the opposition members cutting across party lines of BJP and JDS pointed out painfully that the same “IAS officer, D.K. Ravi had issued a tax fraud notice of 40 crore to a firm which is owned by a powerful minister in the government”. Furthermore, there have been clear media reports over the last few weeks that one of the realty firms that D.K. Ravi raided recently was Embassy group, which happens to be in partnership with Kelchandra group of companies owned by Home Minister K.J. George’s family.

Our James Bond Police Commissioner and our Superman Home Minister wonder what is the connection between these tax fraud notices, these raids on realty firms et al. with the death of D.K. Ravi? It is after all an open and shut case of “suicide due to personal reasons”. What are those personal reasons? Well, ask Basavaraj Rayreddy, he knows it all already!

“I suspect it’s a case of a jilted lover committing suicide. I worked closely with him (D.K. Ravi) when he was zilla panchayat CEO. He was a very good officer. Impressed by his abilities, I had recommended his name for Koppal DC’s post. CM Siddaramaiah had approved it. But Ravi pleaded with me that he wanted a transfer to Bengaluru for reasons he couldn’t share. That’s when I suspected something was amiss” – this is the verbatim statement given by senior Congress MLA, Basavraj Rayreddy to newspapers.

The list of Congressmen with supernatural powers is simply endless (Sonia Gandhi must be feeding them some magic potion directly imported from Vatican). Ravi apparently pleads with this Congress MLA for a transfer to Bangalore and this Congressman suddenly gets these psychic visions of him being a jilted lover! It is another matter of course that hundreds of Ravi’s friends and well-wishers have been vouching that he never wanted to be transferred from Kolar to Bangalore, do these friends and well-wishers have the psychic visionary powers of a Congressman?

This is the fate of people like D.K. Ravi in our system. Why should you try to have a visionary zeal to alter the system? Why should you be non-corrupt? Why should you take on the sand and land mafia? Most importantly, why should you take on a minority quota home minister? You had to die Mr. D.K Ravi, there was no alternative. Now that you are dead, you must be heaped with a garbage on your burial site (yes, the same garbage that you cleared from the city of Kolar, how dare you?!). You were a jilted lover who committed suicide, the state has already pronounced it. Honesty is indeed a jilted lover that dies in Karnataka every day!