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The admin IP address, is a default gateway for many Wifi routers. As a regular internet user, knowing the IP address gives you access to the home network even when you’re outside your house. You just need to type http// on your preferred browser search bar and follow the login options provided.


The IP address, is mostly used by Wifi routers and devices that are linked to the home network. Knowing the IP address helps in multifarious ways as it gives you access to change your SSID name, and WiFi Password, and perform Wifi router firmware updates. Not only this, but once you log in to your Wifi router by using the IP address https//, you can manage connected users and also your guest connections. You can easily log into the admin panel by using the correct IP address but before that, you need to fulfil some requirements that are given below.

Requirements for Home Wifi Router Login

Not everyone is aware of their IP address as most people don’t feel the need of getting into the technicalities. However, sometimes, one may need to do a few modifications to their Wifi setup and for this, you must know How to log into the Home or Industrial Wifi router and what are the basic requirements for doing so.

Username and Password

The common error that occurs while logging into the Wifi router is when people put the wrong username or password. To avoid mistakes in username and password combination, you should look at the bottom of your Wifi router which has the information sticker. You will probably find the correct username and admin password printed somewhere on it. Else, refer to the manual that came with your Wifi router.

168.1.254 Admin Login Address

To login into the Wifi router, you have to enter the correct IP address, in the address field of your preferred browser. To access your admin panel, you have to make sure to log into the correct gateway.

Internet Connection

You need to have a consistent wireless internet connection if you want to login into your Wifi router. That too should be in connection with your wireless router. Accessing the internet by using the mobile data of your device will not be supported in the process.

Address for Admin Login

The default IP address of your Wifi router is You have to login into your Wifi router’s admin panel through this IP address. Although, if you face page loading errors or the screen displays “page not found”. Then, you can try other default Wifi router IP addresses to login into your Wifi router.

Process of logging into

The process of accessing the admin page of your Wifi router is easy and just requires a few simple steps. Here is the detailed instruction on what you need to do to log into the Wifi router’s admin page.

  1. On your browser’s search bar, you need to type the IP address or you can enter, to login into the admin page.
  2. A login page will appear on your screen where you have to enter your appropriate username and password. After entering the admin username and password, tap on the login button.
  3. After successfully logging into the Wifi router admin panel, you will be redirected to the admin page where you will find the settings of your internet connection and network. Here you can manage all your wireless and router network settings. With the help of the admin panel, you can change the default admin password, default gateway, SSID name, and wireless password. You can also see restricted users from using the internet and who’s on the Wi-Fi, and more.

What is the correct IP address? 

Users often get confused with the correct version and incorrect versions of default Wifi router IP addresses. This increases the loading time on the homepage and generally ends up showing “page not found”. Therefore, it’s important to correctly spell the Wifi router’s IP address to find the login gateway of your Best Wifi router brand.




  • 168.I.254
  • https//192.168.I.254
  • http//192.168.I.254
  • 168 I 254
  • http//192.168.I.254/remindme
  • //192.168.I.254

Know the difference between and 192.168.I.254 

A general fact about IP addresses is that they are only composed of numbers and not alphabets. The IP address 192.168.I.254 contains the letter “I” instead of “1” which is incorrect. Entering the wrong version of the IP address can result in loading errors and may show a blank screen. The only correct default IP address to log into the Wifi router’s admin page is or http// You can also see the back of your Wifi router for getting the details of the right IP address or you can refer to the manual for the same.

We have tried to provide all the information about the IP Address in this article. By following the instructions and information given here, you can conveniently log in to the Wifi router admin setup page and can modify your WiFi settings to the fullest. 

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