– Wifi Settings, Change Password is a default gateway to your home Wifi router and by using this IP address, you can easily log into your home Wifi router as an admin. Want to know how? This article covers all your queries and information regarding the Wifi Settings for


Almost every network-connected device has a private IP address to make other devices easily access its functions. The IP address of any device is a combination of numbers separated by 3 dots or you can consider it as a set of numbers divided into four blocks through dots. The people who have the access to the network can see the IP address. Interestingly, more than one device can have the same IP address like

The IP address is a common gateway of many Wifi routers for logging into the admin panel. It is also known as a private (or a local) or gateway IP address of your Wifi network and can be regarded as the head too. By putting the IP address in the address field of your favorite browser, you can get access to the interface of your home router and will also be able to connect internet-capable devices and handsets to the router. In the following sections of this article, we will let you know the requirements of logging into the router through the IP address –, the procedure of login, and other essential details.

Requirements to Log into the Wifi Router

A lot of internet users aren’t aware of their IP address and most often, they hire professionals to handle even the basic settings of their WiFi network. Though, without getting into the technicalities, anyone can modify their Wifi network settings by logging into the Wifi router with However, before we head towards the Login procedure, you will first need to make sure that all your login requirements are met. To login into your Wifi router, you will need to have:

Username and Password

The common error that happens while logging into the Wifi router is using an incorrect username and password. Correct username and password are crucial to login into the router’s interface. If you don’t know your router’s username and password, you can find it printed on the bottom side of your router or in the router’s manual. Admin Login Address

The correct IP address that will take you to the Wifi router’s admin page is If you misspell it or put different numbers, your device’s screen will probably show a “page not found” or a loading error.

Internet Connection

A consistent internet connection is required to login into the Wifi router. Else, you will not be able to change the Wifi settings of your network. Moreover, the internet connection should be from your wireless router and not from mobile data or any other network connection.

What is the correct IP address?

You may encounter several incorrect versions of IP address If you use them for logging into your Wifi router interface, then your device’s screen will probably display a loading error or a blank page. To avoid this, you must enter the correct versions of the IP address in the search field of your browser. If you don’t know which version of the IP address is correct or incorrect, then you can refer to the details provided below.




  • 192.168 2.1
  • 192.168..2.I
  • http 192.168.2.I/

How to Login to the Wifi Router at

Here are the steps for logging into the Wifi router:-

  1. First, open your preferred web browser and enter the IP address or correctly in the search field. Click enter to run the search.
  2. Now, a login page will appear on your device’s screen which will ask for your username and password. Enter the details and click on the “Submit” icon. To know your default username and password, refer to the bottom of the Wifi router or the Wifi router’s manual.
  3. As you will complete the login procedure, you will be taken to the admin panel of your Wifi router where you can change the settings of your WiFi.

How to do Wifi Router Configuration?

The admin page of the Wifi router contains multiple settings, numbers, and information. However, you can start the configuration process by changing the default username and password you entered while logging into the Wifi router. Here are the steps for the same.

  1. Go to the general settings from the menu.
  2. Choose the password option or any similar option visible on your screen.
  3. Enter your desired password and save the changes. Likewise, you may find the option to change the username of your Wifi router as well in the menu section.

In this article, we have tried to provide every necessary detail and instructions about the IP address You can easily log into your home Wifi router by following the procedure given above in the article and can modify your WiFi settings as per your preference.

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