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TXT stands for tomorrow X together. It is another musical band in South Korea that comprises five members. The five txt members are superior and have great skills. The name of their company is Big Hit Entertainment. They launched their first debut in 2019. It was in 2019 when the team launched their first album and it was a big hit. With this, people came to know about them and the band. There is a good meaning behind their band. It means that it is a band that comprises people who come with a common dream and hopes to build a better tomorrow.

A complete view of the txt members:

It is vital and helpful to know about the txt members age and other details. This will keep you updated with time. Here you will get members who are born between 2000 and 2002. Let us find out the details of these members.

txt members

  1. Soobin:

He is one of the important members of the team. This famous txt members birthday is on December 5, 2000. He is also known as Choi Soo Bin. It is found that Soobin is one of the tallest members of the team. TXT Soobin height is 185 cm. he has a habit of reading books and listening to music. He has a special passion for raccoon. Sky blue and yellow is his best colors. Most people love to hear his songs.

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  1. Yeonjun;

Another popular txt team member is Yeonjun. His full name is Choi Yeon Jun. Txt Yeonjun birthplace is South Korea. He was born in 199. This is why he is considered one of the oldest members of the team. When he was just 9 years old he lived in San Jose for two years. He started his career as a mere trainer. Soon after this, he got a chance on the TXT team. During his trainee period, he ranked first position. He has a love for dogs and pandas.

  1. Beomgyu

Indeed another TXT team member is Beomgyu. TXT beomgyu is known as Choi Beom Gyu. He took birth in March 2001. His birthplace is South Korea. He is responsible for playing one of the most important instruments in the band. He is very good at playing guitar. Beomgyu also comes from a good educational background. Beomgyu has a strong love and passion for animals like parrots and bears. The txt height of Beomgyu is 180 cm. He is tall enough. He is a great txt kpop star.

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  1. Taehyun:

Taehyun txt is known by the name of Kang Tae Hyun. Born in Korea his date of birth is February 5th, 2002. Before his debut, he has been working as a trainer. He performed well during this period. The best quality of Taehyun is that he is bilingual. He can speak both Korean and English language. This helps him in the easy interaction process. He has strong English speaking skills. He has utilized it and has made a lot of videos for the students.

  1. Huening Kai

TXT Huening Kai has an original name that is Kai Kamal Huening. His birthplace is in the United States. Huening Kai is one of the oldest members of the team. His date of birth is on August 14, 2002. He also served the role of trainer for 2.5 years before he joined the team. Huening Kai can speak a number of languages such as Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, and English. He has the capacity for various instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. He is just superb in each of these instruments. It is known from various sources that he is the first foreigner to join the Big Hit Entertainment company.

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Who is the leader of TXT Group?

However, TXT Soobin is the most important member of the group who has given it a good shape and identity. TXT group is the second one that comes under Big Hit Entertainment company. Each of the group members has a different role to play. For example, Yeojun plays the role of a dancer and vocalist. Soobin is also important in playing the role of vocalist and rapper. He is also the leader of the team who formed the team and took it to a great position. Beomgyu is a famous dancer, vocalist, and visualize of the team. On the other hand, Taehyun acts as the rapper and dancer in the team. Huening Kai plays the role of a vocalist and rapper in the team. They are also known for their excellent performances.

Bottom Lines:

If you have not yet watched their performances, you must try it. They have given great look to the whole team. Many people eagerly wait for their shows and performances. It really feels great to see these young and talented artists playing great roles in the performances. All the team members are ambitious and try their level best to perform in each and every show.

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